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“Hostilities over the last several weeks in Hudaydah have taken a steep toll, including on health facilities directly damaged in crossfire or occupied by armed groups,” said Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director, and Mark Lowcock, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, in a joint statement.,free roulette online,The 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan for the most vulnerable 3.4 million people is only 54 per cent funded.,“Winter brings additional hardship to the population,” UNHCR spokesperson Andrej Mahecic said at a press briefing in Geneva, noting that temperatures can plummet to minus 10 degrees Celsius, or 14 Fahrenheit, in December and minus 20 C, or minus 4 F, in January..

“In the coming days and weeks, children and families will be at risk of being hit simultaneously by two disasters, COVID-19 and hurricanes,” cautioned Bernt Aasen, UNICEF Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.,He concluded asking for more inclusive policies, strategies and actions to achieve digital equality for people of all ages.  ,“Historically, Yemen has been one of the poorest Arab nations – if not the poorest– with [poverty] and corruption, poor governance and poor infrastructure. The war has simply made it much worse,” said Auke Lootsma, UN Development Programme (UNDP) Country Director, briefing journalists in New York via teleconference from the capital, Sana'a.,today ipl match player lineup.

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“We again urge all armed groups and forces in Somalia to avoid targeting civilian areas and to ensure that civilians are not being placed in harm’s way,” said Ms. Fleming.,today ipl match player final playing,According to the WFP 2020 Global Hotspots Report, millions of people in Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central Sahel region will require life-saving food assistance in the coming months – the sheer scale and complexity of which will stretch the UN food relief agency’s capacity to the limit and require generous donor support for a ramped-up humanitarian response..

With Syria now approaching its eighth year of brutal conflict, Mr. Moumtzis told UN News that medical and food supplies had to be allowed into besieged and hard-to-reach areas.,With that in mind, he called for tackling humanitarian needs while simultaneously looking at longer-term solutions. “If we do not continue to save lives and in parallel build resilience, then we have only delayed a famine, not prevented one,” warned Mr. de Clercq.,today ipl match player lineup,Violence has also prevented many people from working the fields to raise crops, fuelling a heightened risk of food insecurity and raising the possibility that thousands of children could suffer from malnutrition due to the lack of food..

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“This is an issue that affects not just WFP but all aid agencies working in Yemen and indeed in war zones everywhere and no-one can say for certain how widespread this problem is”, said WFP spokesperson Hervé Verhoosel, noting that humanitarian food assistance was being diverted in Houthi-controlled areas, including the capital of Sana’a, and, to a lesser extent, in the Government-controlled areas as well.,“Yet, without adequate funding, agencies will be forced to scale-down their life-saving work, with serious impacts on the lives of ordinary people,” he stressed.,Prior to November 2019, humanitarian organizations based in Iraq, including the UN and its NGO partners, were granted monthly letters, allowing them to pass through checkpoints unhindered. As of January 2020, almost all of these letters had expired and, with no alternative measures in place, the flow of aid deliveries in Iraq had slowed considerably..

free roulette online,“Many are afraid to leave their homes because of looting by armed groups or criminal elements. As the fighting escalates, the number of civilians affected by violence is bound to increase,” UN Humanitarian Coordinator Maria Ribeiro said in a statement.,“Attacks directed against humanitarians are … an obscene act against people working hard, often in extraordinarily difficult circumstances, to help vulnerable people,” UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock said in a statement on Thursday. .

The papal envoy also drew attention to the issue of a nuclear-weapon State at war with one that renounced its arsenal for security guarantees, saying that it would discourage other States that possess nuclear weapons from following suit, “complicating the path toward a world free of nuclear weapons”.,A new grant to fund an emergency cash-for-work programme, will provide training and work experience to youth and women with university degrees – 60 per cent of whom are unemployed – to provide social services for the most vulnerable. The funds will also support infrastructure rehabilitation, including solid waste recycling, as well as making water supplies more secure, and renewable energy provision.,Next, he said the Hall reverberated in accord that the war in Ukraine should end..

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“This should be a clear guiding principle for all those working in the public and private sectors who have to take decisions on major infrastructure projects in seismic zones and near exposed coastlines,” he added.,Mark Lowcock called on the world’s leading industrial nations, the G20, to step up support, as he released an updated .3 billion appeal to fight coronavirus spread in 63 low-income countries.,“Overcoming the energy crisis means reducing the climate threat. Protecting our biodiversity and our oceans means guaranteeing our future. Climate neutrality is our compass”. .

today ipl match player final playing,Rebuilding sustainably will mean rethinking the relationship between individuals and the economy, continued the Holy See Secretary of State, and ensuring that both economic models and development programs remain at the service of men and women, particularly those on the margins of society, rather than exploiting both people and natural resources.,“You, yourselves, lost loved ones,” Mr. Ban said in a message to a memorial service for staff members of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) in the capital, Port-au-Prince. “Yet your thoughts were with those who could yet be saved.”.

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In addition, the applications of space technology and newer domains, including big data, are vital for developing countries, explained the UN office.,today ipl match player final playing,However, he also noted that the Security Council needs to be reformed, to make it more democratic: “given the magnitude and variety of challenges the world continues to confront, a more fit-for-purpose United Nations is urgently needed, that possesses the legitimacy and efficacy in dealing with threats to international peace and security.”.

According to the World Food Programme (WFP), latest national data shows that about four in ten people in the DRC are food insecure, with some 15.6 million suffering “crisis” or “emergency” levels of hunger.,“We call on all parties concerned to keep the crisis from spilling over and protect the legitimate rights and the interests of developing countries,” he added.,today ipl match player lineup,According to the 2018 Cluster Munition Monitor report, released Thursday at the UN Office at Geneva, civilians accounted for 99 per cent of all casualties recorded in 2017..

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With humanitarian needs having doubled since last year, more than 4.6 million Congolese children are acutely malnourished, including 2.2 million severely acute cases. Moreover, epidemics are spreading – counting the worst outbreak of cholera in 15 years.,today ipl match player lineup,“If we ignore them, we’ll be faced with a growing tragedy. If farmers receive support to resume their livelihoods, we will see a rapid improvement in the country’s food security situation due to increased local production,” he added.,While commending efforts to improve crossing conditions, Ms. Lubrani stressed that “more needs to be done on both sides during this harsh winter,” at the checkpoints, pointing to the lack of adequate water, sanitation facilities and heating..

The report finds that food crises are increasingly determined by other complex causes as well, such as extreme climatic shocks and high prices of staple food – often acting at the same time.,Despite recent attacks, the foundations of the multilateral system have stood sound, he said, though warning against rising risks such as “more intense” power games and the reemergence of “bloc mentalities”.,Despite massive natural resources and major socio-economic changes under Government-led initiatives, years of violence by armed groups vying for control – along with ethnic strife in the country’s restive east, and political and ethnic instability – has created massive food insecurity, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).,today ipl match player final playing.

Altogether, some 60 humanitarian organizations, including UN agencies and non-governmental organizations will be implementing the Humanitarian Response Plan in 2018.,online pay don bradman cricket game,“For Canada, the choice is clear: we’re convinced that we need more multilateralism, not less; we need more of the UN, not less; and we need a UN that is effective, efficient, relevant and accountable.”,The IDPs are currently at the makeshift camp that has been growing amid renewed fighting outside a UN peacekeepers’ base in Kiwanja, 90 kilometres north of the North Kivu provincial capital of Goma..

It unearthed fraud by at least one local partner organization affiliated with the de facto Ministry of Education in Sana’a handling and distribution of WFP food assistance.,“Just when it seemed like the recovery from the pandemic was on the horizon, we saw the war in Ukraine with the risk of a nuclear incident and catastrophic potential consequences,” he said.,The visit came in advance of next week’s Israeli High Court of Justice case, which may determine the fate of the structures and Israeli relocation plan.,today ipl match player lineup.

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The UN and its partners are seeking 6 million to meet the needs of nearly two million people in the CAR this year, or roughly half the population.,He then spoke about the repercussions of the war in Ukraine, including food and fuel price increases; displacement surges; nuclear security concerns; and the vulnerability of short-sighted energy policies.,In the era before mass travel, they were one of the few ways for most people to experience other cultures, and discover the world, and some of the big nineteenth century Expos have had an enduring impact on the countries in which they were held..

free roulette online,Funds will also go towards strengthening social services, livelihood opportunities, protection and restoration environment as well as providing documentation and training for government officials on refugee status determination.,More than 137,000 cases have been recorded since the beginning of the year; nearly a quarter of them among children under five..

“We are deeply troubled by reports of this latest incident,” Mr. Swing stressed.,Governments have also turned to WFP to assist them in buying the food that they need to keep their social protection systems going, or to help make those programs more effective. That’s why we need an additional billion before the end of the year, so that we can deliver on those promises.,Critical civilian infrastructure is also severely affected..

According to the agency, about 230,000 people, over half of whom are estimated to be children, have been displaced since April due to flooding. They join around 2.6 million people across the country who have already been affected by drought and conflict.,UNHCR has consistently tried to promote international and local action to combat the vicious smuggling practices and to focus more attention on conditions in the countries of origin that lead people to leave in the first place. Despite these efforts, the number of people leaving their homes and taking enormous risks has not decreased.,According to OCHA, the conference also provided an “excellent opportunity” for in-depth deliberations on issues emerging from last February’s Oslo humanitarian conference on the region, that raised some 0 million in pledges for humanitarian programmes in 2017 and beyond..

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Almost seven months in, refugees continue to arrive and the situation in Cox’s Bazar remains fluid.,The situation is equally concerning in eastern Ghouta and in areas of Damascus where at least 81 civilians – including 25 women and 30 children – were killed in the first ten days of January.,About a third of the districts in the war-torn country are at a risk of famine and nearly half of the country’s children under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition. In addition, there has been a 44 per cent increase in children aged 6 to 59 months with severe acute malnutrition – the most extreme and visible form of undernutrition..

free roulette online,The Pacific humanitarian air service will transport medical items, medicines, and equipment on behalf of UN agencies such as UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the International Federation of the Red Cross.,The UN Mission in DRC, known by its French acronym MONUC, has now deployed more than 90 per cent of its nearly 17,500 peacekeepers to the strife-torn east, where not only the CNDP and the Government army, but also the mainly Hutu Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), and other rebel groups such as the Mayi Mayi have repeatedly clashed in various permutations and shifting alliances..

The UN chief emphasized that MINUSCA personnel “enjoy privileges and immunities which are held in the interest of the United Nations”, he said, in line with the 2014 Status of Forces Agreement between the Organization and the Government of the CAR. ,“But nobody realizes that because it’s been going on for so long. The need is there, but the response is no longer the same. And we need to have people respond to it as the need requires, rather than with fatigue, which is somewhat understandable.”,“A Special Tribunal should be created to punish Russia for the crime of aggression against our State. This will become a signal to all ‘would-be’ aggressors, that they must value peace or be brought to responsibility by the world,” he said. .

He went on to note that around 6.5 million people have died because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and vaccinations to tackle this crisis are inaccessible to billions of people in low-income countries.,Lawrence came to the United Nations for a guided tour with a group of disabled children from Bellevue Hospital. Ellen was known as a guide who was good with children, so she was assigned to lead their special visit.,“We continue to call on all the parties to the conflict to end the destruction of hospitals and other civilian infrastructure that is essential for the civilian population, and to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law and international human rights law,” emphasized the Deputy Spokesman..

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