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“I was heartbroken,” stated the United Nations official. “I listened to girls who have tried to commit suicide, girls who tried to jump out of windows, run away, and girls whose family had to pay ransom. I think these stories actually shocked me.”  ,ff online play,Speaking to faculty and students at The New School, a university in New York City, the UN chief declared himself a proud feminist and called for men everywhere to support women’s rights. ,Pramila Patten, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict, recalled her recent visit to Ukraine and outlined the elements of a recently signed Framework of Cooperation on the Prevention and Response to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, which seeks to strengthen accountability and combat those abhorrent crimes..

She described the spread of Martial Law to 47 different townships, and the empowering of citizens deemed loyal to the regime, by allowing them to carry guns.,The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) convened the panel discussion, entitled Safe Journalists, Strong Democracies: How on and offline attacks on women journalists are hurting us all, drawing attention to numerous ways women journalists can be placed in vulnerable settings – in the workplace, the field and online – leaving them open to harassment, intimidation and violence.,For years, Burkina Faso has suffered from political instability, and saw two military coups in 2022 alone. This year also saw a continuation of the deadly terrorist attacks that have long blighted the country: at least 79 were killed in an attack on a town in the north of the country in June and, on Monday, a minibus reportedly hit a landmine, killing around 10 people.,netherland cricket players profile.

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Ukraine and Russia account for roughly 30 per cent of the world’s exported wheat and barley, one fifth of its maize, and over half of its sunflower oil. ,netherland cricket player favorite,In DR Congo, for example, SSuRGe experts helped the UN mission (MONUSCO) to mobilize resources and capacities for the transition and facilitated consultations with the World Bank on the need for a public expenditure review of the security sector..

They contain essential drugs, medicine and equipment to ensure safe deliveries and support the reproductive, maternal and newborn health needs of at least 328,000 people.,“Academics and human rights defenders were forced into exile on a huge scale while perpetrators of grave human rights violations continue acting boldly without fear of facing justice for their crime”.,netherland cricket players profile,WFP has purchased the wheat for its operations in Ethiopia, supporting drought response in the Horn of Africa where the threat of famine looms.     .

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“Our work is not done,” said Aleksander Zouev, Assistant-Secretary-General in the Department of Peace Operations told the UN Security Council.,“There is clear determination on all sides to make progress towards a deal on humanitarian and economic measures, a permanent ceasefire and the resumption of a Yemeni-led political process under UN auspices,” he said.,Once the ships near Istanbul, they are inspected by teams from another Joint Coordination Centre based in the Turkish city – as was the case for the BC Vanessa on Wednesday – with representatives from Russia, Türkiye, Ukraine and the UN all involved..

ff online play,“Under Article 100 and 101 of the United Nations Charter, United Nations staff members are appointed by the Secretary-General, responsible only to the Organization, and United Nations Member States undertake to respect their exclusively international character”, the UN chief declared.,Highlighting the impact on society, she said their “easy accessibility, affordability and almost universal outreach, have unlocked an immense opportunity for mankind, while also exposing vulnerable users to actors with nefarious agendas.” .

“The final draft was, of course, not a perfect document. We all knew that. But the vast majority of States parties felt that it will still be in the interest of the international community,” she said.,Briefing ambassadors under the Women, Peace and Security agenda, she said that her most recent trip, earlier this month, was aimed at boosting women’s involvement, including in upcoming parliamentary elections.,UNICEF stands with Nigerian authorities, who have made a commitment to make schools safer by protecting educational facilities from violence and military use during armed conflict..

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“It was market day in Bol and I was with two other girls who like me carried explosives,” the young woman told UN News. “I was just 15 years old. I was given drugs and had been trained by the extremist Boko Haram terrorist group to be a suicide bomber.”,Ten per cent were so-called “collective abductions,” where gang members abducted a group of people, sometimes by storming church services and kidnapping clergy in the middle of mass.,“When funding stops, women and girls suffer”, UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem, said in a statement, “especially the poor, those living in remote, underserved communities and through humanitarian crises.”  .

netherland cricket player favorite,Similar fears were expressed on Saturday by Martin Griffiths, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator. In a Tweet, Mr. Griffiths said that more violence would only makes things worse for the nearly 16 million people, around a third of the population, in need of humanitarian aid.,The group of around three dozen Human Rights Council-appointed experts highlighted a “wave of measures” such as barring women from returning to their jobs, requiring a male relative to accompany them in public spaces, prohibiting women from using public transport on their own, as well as imposing a strict dress code on women and girls..

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Israeli forces stormed Al-Aqsa mosque, also commonly known as al-Qibli mosque, overnight, arresting more than 350 people, according to media reports.   ,netherland cricket player favorite,When girls are supported...they can reach their potential and create a better world – UN chief.

“I am here in a visit of solidarity to underscore the commitment of the United Nations to support Iraq in the consolidation of its democratic institutions and advancing peace, sustainable development and human rights for all Iraqis,” Mr. Guterres told journalists in Baghdad, after touching down late on Tuesday.,Mr. Perthes announced on Sunday that he had convinced the two warring parties to the current fighting to briefly pause hostilities, on humanitarian grounds, between four and seven PM, local time.,netherland cricket players profile,The UN World Food Programme (WFP) projects that the percentage of people suffering from acute food insecurity will increase to nearly 50 per cent this year, up from 44 per cent in 2022, she said. .

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This upsurge in violence is not limited to one country or one region. Media reports are documenting an increase in violence across the globe - from Argentina, to China, Germany, Turkey, Honduras, South Africa the United Kingdom and the United States to name just a few. In Malaysia calls have doubled and in France they are up 32 per cent.  In Lebanon calls to the helpline were double in March of this year as they were in the same month last year. ,netherland cricket players profile,Syria is also among the largest displacement crises in the world.  Some 6.8 million people have been uprooted inside the country, many several times over, and roughly just as many are living as refugees abroad. ,“For over 55 years, the Israeli military occupation has prevented the realisation of the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people, violating each component of that right and wilfully pursuing the ‘de-Palestinianisation’ of the occupied territory,” said Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, in her report to the UN General Assembly..

“The Secretary-General calls on the Burkinabè authorities to spare no effort in identifying and bringing the perpetrators of this attack to justice,” UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric told journalists in New York. ,“Every New Year is a moment of rebirth”, said António Guterres. We sweep out the ashes of the old year and prepare for a brighter day. In 2022, millions of people around the world literally swept out ashes.”,American-Zimbabwean actor and playwright Danai Gurira – who in addition to portraying Michonne in the TV series The Walking Dead and ‘Okoye’ in the blockbuster movie Black Panther – is also a noted education and women’s rights activist, testified about her own experience as a woman in her professional career.,netherland cricket player favorite.

There are innovative actions being taken that should be both commended and replicated. In Argentina, for example, pharmacies have been declared safe spaces for victims of abuse to report. Similarly, in France, where grocery stores are housing pop-up-services and 20,000 hotel room nights have been made available to those women who cannot go home.,zigma cricket t20 ball,For women in Botswana, especially those living in remote communities where medical supplies and blood may not be in stock, giving birth can be life-threatening. In 2019, the country recorded a maternal mortality rate of 166 deaths per 100,000 births, more than double the average for upper-middle-income countries. ,“Backtracking on the path to gender equality is not just bad for women. It will undermine the resilience of entire economies and societies. And it will prevent the world from fulfilling the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, he warned. .

“Gender inequality continues to prevail in Afghanistan with regard to women’s participation in peace processes, despite the fact that women are as affected by the conflict as men,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the UN’s Special Representative and head of its mission in the country (UNAMA), on Tuesday, during a series of nationwide meetings focused on women, peace and security.,Moreover, food insecurity has soared to new records as 12 million Syrians go hungry every day and nearly one-in-two children are missing school – leaving them vulnerable to child labour, forced marriage, trafficking, and armed recruitment.,All actors have a responsibility to act, from individuals to governments, from the UN to business and civil society. Addressing gender-based violence must be at the center of all domestic plans on COVID-19 response. ,netherland cricket players profile.

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They urged the UK authorities to consider withdrawing the Bill and redrafting it to fully comply with international and regional human rights standards, in effective consultation with victims and civil society ,“Whilst it is incredibly difficult to estimate how many children remain associated with armed groups, these children are among the most vulnerable in the country and their fate remains unclear,” she stressed.  ,“Once in force, the CTBT will serve as an essential element of a nuclear weapons-free world. In order to achieve this world, we all aspire to, a universal and effectively verifiable prohibition on nuclear testing is a fundamental necessity,” he said. .

ff online play,Entrants were given the incentive of a cash prize which would allow them to expand their ideas from the test stage, to full production, for the potential benefit of millions around the world.,She will be joined on Sunday by 24-year-old Nadine Ibrahim, whose film Through Her Eyes follows the internal struggle of a 12-year-old female suicide bomber in northern Nigeria..

“Provision of safe water supplies and hygiene kits will help an estimated 50,000 children stay healthy in these challenging circumstances.”,The UN works for the creation of an independent State of Palestine living side-by-side in peace with the State of Israel. ,Mr. Guterres underlined the UN’s continued support to the Congolese Government and people in their efforts towards peace and stability..

In a report released on Thursday, UNDP highlighted that the financial support could prevent rising poverty and widening gender inequality, especially in developing countries. ,At the regular press briefing in New York, Associate Spokesperson Stéphanie Tremblay told journalists that according to UN humanitarian affairs office OCHA, citing local authorities, strikes affected regions in the north, centre and south, as well as the capital, Kyiv.  ,I acknowledge that the Organization has not succeeded in all respects, but neither have we stood still - UN chief.

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The UN peacekeeping Mission in the country, MONUSCO, continues to protect civilians in line with its core mandate, and to work alongside the Congolese army to deter the M23 movement – an armed group of mainly ethnic Tutsi formed to oppose Hutu militia ten years ago which has gained ground in recent weeks - and other armed groups which hold sway across large swathes of the east.,Special Envoy Hans Grundberg reported on his ongoing mediation efforts with the Government and Houthi rebels, also known as Ansar Allah, following their failure last October to extend a landmark truce that lasted six months. ,In a statement issued by his Spokesperson, António Guterres noted that “most, if not all, United Nations agencies and our humanitarian partners, have been impacted by large-scale looting”, since the military power struggle between the national army and rival RSF militia began, which fighting now entering a fourth week..

ff online play,Around the world, momentum for family-friendly policies is growing. However, with nearly 90 million children living in countries without paid paternity leave, much work remains to be done, said UNICEF.,The theme also aims to broaden the global conversation and highlight the voices and activism of all survivors of violence and advocates around the world – many of whom are often missing from the media headlines and social media discussions..

Meanwhile, gender inequalities persist, and the report referred to particular challenges faced by women, girls and LGBTI people that continue to hamper their effective participation in peacebuilding efforts.  ,“The findings of this report are horrifying,” said Volker Türk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, during a visit to Haiti this week. “It paints a picture of how people are being harassed and terrorized by criminal gangs for months without the State being able to stop it. It can only be described as a living nightmare.”,Speaking to UN News from the airport enroute to New York, Ms. Fafunwa said it was incredibly relevant for HEAR WORD! to be showcased at the UN..

“We need to encourage and support girls and women achieve their full potential as scientific researchers and innovators. Women and girls need this, and the world needs this, if we are to achieve our ambitions for sustainable development on a healthy planet,” he stated.,Amina Mohammed spearheaded a delegation to the war-torn country that included Bineta Diop, the African Union’s Special Envoy on Women, Peace and Security, and Bience Gawanas, the Secretary-General's Special Adviser on Africa.,“With each report I have warned that unless UN Member States change course in the way they collectively respond to this crisis, the people of Myanmar will suffer even further,” he told the Human Rights Council in Geneva, saying that conditions have “gone from bad to worse, to horrific for untold numbers of innocent people in Myanmar”. .

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