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On the same day, a 7-year-old girl was injured by heavy weapons fire in Hpa An, Kayin State.,favorite to win nfl championship,Too often, they result from lack of access to basic services and life staples – such as food, water and health care – or from gaps in security, laws and governance systems. ,“Libya continues to be at a delicate and fragile juncture on its path to unity and stability through the ballot boxes”, said Mr. Kubiš, who also heads the UN mission in the country, UNSMIL. .

According to Ms. DiCarlo, there are currently 14 Council sanctions regimes in place around the world. ,“Sustained, unimpeded and safe humanitarian access to civilians, including through the cross-border modality, must be guaranteed” to allow the UN and its humanitarian partners to continue to carry out their critical work in the country’s north, according to the statement.,Barely a month after her son’s death, Mrs. Ibn Ziaten established The Imad Association for Youth and Peace, which promotes tolerance.   ,aus pak cricket score.

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favorite to win nfl championship

UNITAMS will also support peace processes and the implementation of future peace agreements; assist peacebuilding, civil protection and the rule of law, particularly in Darfur and the Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile areas.,aus out of world cup,The three-member Commission was appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate and record all violations of international law related to the Syrian conflict, which began in March 2011. .

Mr. Guterres has expressed his profound condolences to the President’s family, and to the people and Government of Chad.   ,“The people of Myanmar have already suffered tremendously and the socio-economic and humanitarian situation has been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ms. Heyzer.   ,aus pak cricket score,The event’s organizers emphasized that silencing the guns in Africa is needed now more than ever, as highlighted by the UN Secretary-General’s call for a global ceasefire to focus on the common fight against COVID-19. .

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Despite the unpredictable security environment, aid workers continue to support people in northeastern Syria.,A spill would have catastrophic environmental and humanitarian consequences. Research by independent experts indicates that a major oil spill would severely impact Red Sea ecosystems on which almost 30 million people depend, including at least 1.6 million Yemenis. All the fisheries along the Yemeni west coast would be impacted within days and the livelihoods of the fishing communities would collapse, at a time when 90 per cent of these populations are already dependent on humanitarian aid. The shores of Hudaydah, Hajjah and Taiz will likely be the worst-hit. If fire erupts on SAFER for any reason, more than 8.4 million people could be exposed to harmful levels of pollutants.,However, distributions of supplies into Tigray are lagging behind due to various impediments to the movement of humanitarian aid, the UN agency warned. .

favorite to win nfl championship,“In Tigray, the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate, with tensions restricting the movement of humanitarian supplies along the only available route from Semera to Abala to Mekelle. No trucks carrying humanitarian supplies have been able to enter Tigray since 15 December”, UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric told journalists on Thursday in New York.,“I am appalled by the flagrant disregard for the laws of war and the Convention on the Rights of the Child by all parties involved in the conflict”, said Commission chair Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro.  .

Overall, the UN and partners are bringing vital assistance to more than seven million people in three states affected by the crisis.  Besides Borno, they also are operational in neighbouring Adamawa and Yobe states. ,He added that Prime Minister Abiy’s leadership “has set a wonderful example for others in and beyond Africa looking to overcome resistance from the past and put people first.”,The conflict-ravaged, and mineral-rich eastern DRC has been plagued by violence stretching over decades of brutal fighting that has forced millions of civilians from their homes – many of them numerous times..

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Ambassador Dian Triansyah Djani underlined Indonesia’s support, noting that the country contributes more than 1,000 uniformed personnel to MONUSCO, 28 of whom are women.,aus out of world cup,The conflict escalated last April when the self-styled Libyan National Army which controls much of eastern and southern Libya, laid siege to southern Tripoli, in an effort to topple the UN-backed Government of National Accord..

Last month, UN Secretary-General António Guterres conducted an official visit to Lebanon, where he affirmed solidarity with the people. ,He also called for “immediate humanitarian access and assistance, especially to vulnerable communities”, including some 600,000 Rohingya Muslims still in northern Rakhine state and the more than 700,000 who fled a 2017 military crackdown and are now in camps in neighbouring Bangladesh. ,aus pak cricket score,In a message, Secretary-General António Guterres reminded everyone of their “special” duty, to stop the fighting and to focus on the common enemy, COVID-19. .

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In a second vote announced on Friday afternoon in New York, ambassadors also passed a resolution unanimously, renewing measures relating to the illicit export of petroleum, through to 30 July, 2022.,favorite to win nfl championship,“We want to make sure that national government institutions, partners and civil society groups – especially those representing women, minorities and young people – are all working together to carry peace forward, and build truly representative, responsive and accountable institutions,” said Mr. Guterres.,“The Secretary-General recalls that attacks targeting peacekeepers may constitute war crimes under international law and that sanctions can be applied against those responsible”, his Spokesman, Stéphane Dujarric, said in a statement..

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“In Tigray, the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate, with tensions restricting the movement of humanitarian supplies along the only available route from Semera to Abala to Mekelle. No trucks carrying humanitarian supplies have been able to enter Tigray since 15 December”, UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric told journalists on Thursday in New York.,The “dangers and direct consequences of foreign interference are increasingly evident” Mr. Salamé highlighted.  To fill manpower gaps, “there is growing involvement of mercenaries and fighters from foreign private military companies” with greater experience that has amplified the scale of the clashes. ,Ukraine has long been the “breadbasket” of Europe, but the fighting could disrupt global wheat trade, with knock-on impacts on food prices and overall food security.  .

favorite to win nfl championship,Women in the media are particular targets, says UNESCO: they are often targets of online harassment, and face threats of gender-based violence.,They called for the safe, immediate and unconditional release of all the officials detained and urged the Defence and Security personnel "to return to their barracks without delay." .

The resolution received a two-thirds majority of those voting, minus abstentions, in the 193-member Assembly, with 93 nations voting in favour and 24 against.  ,“The risk of a large-scale armed conflict requires a collective approach to prevent a multi-dimensional catastrophe in the heart of Southeast Asia and beyond”, the Secretary-General said. ,Group co-chair Ambassador Karen Pierce of the United Kingdom said the resolution sends a clear message on women’s inclusion..

Through the Peacebuilding Fund, the UN responds to and prevents violent conflict by supporting governments and societies in at-risk countries. ,“All segments of the population of the Central African Republic, in particular women, young people, internally displaced persons and refugees, must be at the centre of efforts to consolidate democracy and, consequently, of this electoral process”, he said. ,He underscored that the pandemic has “exposed our vulnerabilities, to the point that we as a global community could no longer afford to ignore them”..

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Since her last update in mid-July, Ms. DiCarlo offered hope for “long-elusive progress” in implementing the Minsk provisions, including key security and political aspects.,The blue helmets learned that a member of the community had been hit by stray bullets during an inter-communal clash the previous night. ,“There is no alternative to diplomacy,” the UN chief said, adding that “all issues, including the most intractable, must be addressed through diplomatic frameworks”..

favorite to win nfl championship,Mr. Kyslytsya made the analogy of a “child dying in your arms and instead of administering to him the proper medicine…you opt for a placebo.”,The 15-member Salhiyya family, who include an older woman and young child, had been living in Sheikh Jarrah for nearly 40 years, according to UNRWA.   .

“I married my wife while I was fighting in the bush. Once we had a baby, I thought that we would not be safe, running from one place to another with a family, so I decided to return to my home country, Rwanda.”,“When this Council referred the Darfur situation to the ICC in March 2005, it brought hope to victims of atrocity crimes in Darfur by sending a clear message that justice was not only important in its own right but also with a multiplier effect in achieving sustainable peace in Darfur”, she said. ,Riham Yacoub, a medical doctor, was killed on Wednesday. Her death came in the midst protests in the city, demanding accountability for the killing of another activist, Tahseen Oussama, who was murdered on 14 August. .

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With up to 100 armed groups believed to operate in the vast forested region of eastern DRC bordering Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, attacks on Ebola-hit communities have sparked a humanitarian crisis and threatened aid distribution, amid serious civil unrest. ,Speaking later in the day in New York, UN Spokesman Stéphane Dujarric said the Secretary-General continues to follow the situation “with great concern”.,With manageable numbers of new arrivals of refugees and migrants to Europe, now is the time for common action, according to the agency.  .

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favorite to win nfl championship,OHCHR also highlighted attacks which reportedly took place against a hospital and media office on Thursday, during which rights activists were arrested.,Furthermore, although the agency has been unable to verify Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium, estimates indicate more has been accumulated at limits that exceed the agreement..

The two parties will present the draft agreement to their respective leaderships for further consultations and resume discussions next month to complete the preparation of the Terms of Reference of the sub-committees in charge of the implementation of the agreement. ,Women and children associated with ISIL, say the independent rights experts, may have been subjected to serious human rights violations and gender-based violence during and prior to their detention in camps such as Ain Issa.,Mr. Griffiths, together with Catherine Russell, head of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), briefed ambassadors on how the UN and partners are responding to rising needs since the Russian offensive began 11 days ago. .

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Mr. Elder explained that the recruitment and use of children in armed conflict is a grave violation of international law, and that all youngsters who are recruited for this purpose should be treated as victims.  ,The UN chief recalled that his  Action for Peacekeeping initiative renews collective commitment to excellence amid an increasingly dangerous landscape for the blue helmets and their civilian colleagues.,Almost all humanitarian work has stopped as the country’s authorities have been effectively isolating their people from “social, political, economic” and even diplomatic engagements, including with the United Nations, Mr. Quintana told the Human Rights Council in Geneva..

favorite to win nfl championship,The years of fighting have led to millions facing hunger and malnutrition, created the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. There have been hundreds of reported civilian deaths, and human rights abuses. ,Turning to the specific role of the three organizations at the centre of Wednesday’s debate, Mr. Guterres noted that countries need to cooperate in order to meet cross-border challenges such as the return and relocation of foreign terrorist fighters, and include private sector and civil society partners in these efforts..

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Thirteen of the 15 ambassadors voted in favour of the resolution, which further demands that Afghanistan not be used as a shelter for terrorism.,online casino 10 min deposit,“Without full inclusion and equality, peace is a job half done.  Because true, sustainable peace, can only be carried forward by people who are supported, who are included and valued, who feel they are truly part of their society - and have a stake in its future,” he said.,“The attacks against civilians occurred against the backdrop of a major offensive that the Congolese Army launched against the ADF on 30 October 2019.  Since 2014, the ADF have systematically retaliated against civilians to thwart the Congolese army’s operations against them.” .

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He also called for the UN Security Council to convene an emergency session to vote on a resolution to ban this trade.,aus pak cricket score,According to news reports, three Bolivians have died and more than 100 have been injured during clashes between Morales supporters and opposition protesters since the disputed election. The Organization of American States (OAS) released a report at the weekend saying that its audit had revealed major irregularities during the poll.,Speaking during the UN General Assembly Debates last month, Colombian President  Iván Duque  said the government was committed to establishing a “culture of legality” in line with the agreement, which had involved demobilization, disarmament and reintegration (DDR) strategies of former guerrillas, including more than 25 projects that had benefited some nearly 2,000 ex-combatants.  .

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UN Special Representative James Swan underscored the need to forge political consensus to realize what he described as the “ambitious agenda for 2020”.,online casino game real money in india,In a statement issued on Monday, a UN spokesperson said Secretary-General António Guterres was “deeply concerned” over reports about the killing of civilians, including children, in the attack on 14 February. ,“Tone down the hateful rhetoric and work to find common solutions, with full respect for the rule of law and human rights, through an inclusive, meaningful dialogue”, High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet urged all sides..

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The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) revealed on Thursday that since 29 March, thousands of people have fled their homes and villages each day, as security forces from Niger, Chad, Nigeria and Cameroon launched a military crackdown on armed groups in border regions that have seen numerous attacks on citizens and national military forces.,online casino utan insättningskrav,Last month, Deputy Special Representative and Humanitarian/Resident Coordinator Alain Noudehou noted concerns that if Ebola spread to South Sudan, it risked overwhelming the healthcare system.,OCHA included the figure in an update within its latest Global Humanitarian Overview, where it gave a description of the context, crisis and humanitarian needs in Yemen. It said the conflict had intensified this year, with 47 identifiable front lines by the end of October, up from 33 at the start of this year..

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favorite to win nfl championship

The memorial ceremony, held online, paid tribute to civilian and uniformed staff who died because of malicious acts, natural disasters and other incidents.   ,UN Spokesperson  Stéphane Dujarric reported that 23 displacement sites in the regional capital, Mekelle, did not have access to water as pumps could not operate due to the lack of fuel. Transportation of humanitarian and commercial supplies into the region has also been affected. ,The IAEA chief was speaking shortly after arriving from weekend talks in Tehran to mitigate plans to reduce cooperation this week..

Briefing the online meeting, UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths said Yemen was going through dark times following a deadly attack last month on its newly-formed Cabinet, and with millions facing potential famine, but emphasized that peace is still possible. ,Briefing the Security Council on Wednesday, the UN chief described the context in Libya as “gloomy” – and urged the international community to seize every opportunity to unblock the political stalemate.,While security measures are vital, combating terrorism and its links to transnational crime takes many forms..

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Tor Wennesland told Council Members that “recent developments on the ground are worrying”, pointing out the situation in the West Bank and Gaza and the challenges faced by the Palestinian Authority.  ,Armed rebel fighters known as the anti-Balaka, under the command of  Dimitri Ayoloma launched an attack on the town of Grimari, west of Bambarim in Ouaka prefecture, in central CAR.,UNHCR said a proposed European Commission Pact on Migration and Asylum, outlined in September 2020, could move the bloc from “an ad hoc crisis-driven approach” to one that is more comprehensive, well-managed and predictable. .

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Although humanitarians are providing assistance to people across the country, and are ready to do more, they remain hampered by lack of access and funding, he said. ,“My country has been deeply wounded by sectarians and terrorists trying to achieve their own ends,” he said, adding that the Houthi militias, supported by Iran, have proved to be “capable of untold destruction.”,“He calls on the Central African authorities to spare no effort in investigating and promptly holding accountable the perpetrators of this unacceptable attack.”  .

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A blue helmet from Chad was killed and three others were seriously wounded when their convoy hit an improvised explosive device in Aguelhok, located in Kidal region in the north of the country.,In a message to mark International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The UN chief warned that persistent violations of the rights of Palestinians, along with the expansion of Israeli settlements, risk eroding the prospect of a two-State solution. ,An upsurge in hostilities in north-west Syria, has displaced some 300,000 people since 12 December..

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In particular, Ms. Keita drew the Council’s attention to an action plan recently released by the new Government, which aims to neutralize violent armed groups. ,Clashes pitting Arab tribes against non-Arab Massalit communities in Al Geneina Town, West Darfur, began in mid-January, leading to hundreds of casualties, according to the UN. ,Leading condemnation for the 25 October takeover, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, said that at least 13 civilians have been reportedly killed by military and security forces since then, and more than 300 injured. .

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UNHCR, together with the Ugandan Government and partners, is assisting some 10,000 people who have found shelter in the southwest Kisoro district, after fleeing the violence which began on Monday. ,Meanwhile, the wider humanitarian crisis that has wracked Ethiopia, since hostilities began between Government forces and fighters of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in November 2020, continues.,Through its resolution, ambassadors said that investigations and prosecutions must continue for all who “plan, organize, illicitly finance or profit from pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia”..

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The development follows the recent escalation of hostilities in northern Ethiopia which has threatened to destabilise the whole country and the wider Horn of Africa region.,May has already been extremely dangerous for Libyan civilians: over the first eight days of the month, homes and other civilian property have been damaged, and at least 15 people reportedly killed, with some 50 injured. Several Libyan neighbourhoods suffered indiscriminate attacks, said the Mission, mostly attributable to forces affiliated to the opposition Libyan National Army (LNA), including Abu Salim, Tajoura, al-Hadba al-Bari, Zanata and Zawit al-Dahmani.,Displaced people there already face outbreaks of several deadly diseases, including cholera, malaria and measles, and fighting has severely weakened the health system: more than a third of facilities have been destroyed in attacks, and there is limited access to drinking water and sanitation infrastructure. .

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Henrietta Fore, the agency’s Executive Director, said these incidents appear to be increasing in frequency, raising fears for the safety and wellbeing of children in the region. ,Mr. Guterres has encouraged the authorities in Cameroon, which is majority French-speaking, to continue to adopt further confidence building and reconciliation measures, according to a statement issued on Saturday by his spokesperson.,“The war in Ukraine continues to inflict immense human suffering…with nine out of 10 people at risk of falling into poverty,” said Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator. “As part of a coordinated UN response, UNDP has an unwavering commitment to stay and deliver for the people of Ukraine.”.

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Briefing journalists in Geneva, Jens Laerke from the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) described the security situation in northeast Syria as “highly volatile”, with continuing reports of airstrikes and ground attacks linked to Turkey’s military incursion.,Moreover, citizens of Mostar, the fifth biggest city, where the destruction of its landmark Ottoman era bridge was a symbol of the war’s ferocity, remain – after 10 years – deprived of the right to vote in local elections.  Several human rights judgements also remain unimplemented, including one giving equal status to Serbs in southern Herzegovina-Neretva canton, which includes Mostar.,In a message, the UN chief cautioned that prospects for a viable two-State solution are becoming “more distant”. .

favorite to win nfl championship,Mr. Shearer underlined the international community’s support for the nation, including by the African Union, regional body IGAD, and the UN Security Council. ,Since 2017, some half a million people have fled the gas and mineral rich province of Cabo Delgado, as violence and COVID-19 continue to increase.  .

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