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Another example is in Guatemala, where concessions are providing direct financial benefits to local communities and have generated more than 16,000 jobs, which in turn brings additional economic benefits.,gaming video editor online,Aromatic rice varieties have risen eight times faster than the FAO All Rice Index, which is up four per cent on the year.,The three-day gathering focused on the dynamic processes shaping the future of work in the region, which include rapid technological advances, globalization, demographic trends, large movements of refugees and migrants, as well as environmental challenges..

According to the UNCTAD report, bigger emerging economies which rely on commodity exports – Russia and the four BRICS countries: Brazil, India, China and South Africa – can expect some improvement “while prices remain firm”.,The General Assembly last year proclaimed the period 2016-2025 as the Third Industrial Development Decade for Africa, underlining the need for the sustainable industrialization of the continent.,UNOOSA has been busy recently with increasing awareness about the role of space technology in supporting development priorities stemming from a gathering held in Dubai late last year, where the global space community met to discuss how it can contribute to the push for sustainable development.,rush casino.

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On February 11, five days after the disaster when I first visited the areas together with UN relief chief Martin Griffiths, what we saw was devastating. What were once homes, a sanctuary for families, which were filled with memories, were in ruins.,rush and roulette game,Secondly, the UN chief upheld that countries must reduce their dependency revenues from these industries by diversifying their economies, adapting tax systems to new needs and accelerating work on a just transition for employees and communities dependent on extractive resources.  .

“Like all nations, we get to choose which countries we trade with. This is our sovereign right,” Kelly Craft, the US Ambassador to the UN, said prior to the vote.,The lack of access to safe water and sanitation has also heightened the risk of water-borne diseases. ,rush casino,In his speech, delivered at UN Headquarters in New York, Mr. Guterres recalled that, within months, the Nazis had dismantled fundamental constitutional rights and paved the way for totalitarian rule: members of parliament were arrested, freedom of the press was abolished, and the first concentration camp was built, in Dachau..

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The Suri alpaca, an animal which is similar to a llama, is known for its soft coat which makes high quality but delicate yarn.,Addressing the panel on uplifting women's entrepreneurship, Farida Al Awadhi, the Chairperson of Emirates Businesswomen Council, said: “Unfortunately, women in Middle East and the Arab countries have been undermined or media has misrepresented them.”,Leading the call for countries to extend social safety nets far more widely than they do now, ILO Director-General Guy Ryder insisted that such a move would help future-proof workers and businesses in the face of new challenges..

gaming video editor online,Her situation took a turn for the better last July, when while walking through her village she noticed people gathered in front of an elder’s house.,The report identifies 10 countries, with a combined population of around 2 billion people, to illustrate the level of poverty reduction, and all of them have shown statistically significant progress towards achieving Goal 1. The fastest reductions were seen in India, Cambodia and Bangladesh..

The locust plague in Madagascar started in April 2012, damaging large areas of cropped land and pastures. Although the locusts have mainly hit the south of the country, in late 2013/early 2014 some insects are expected to reach the more productive northern regions.,“My mother was a teacher and had to travel a long way to her work, so she was unable to cook for me and three brothers until very late in the day. I was fortunate as I attended a school where the WFP provided free hot meals to children. I received these meals from the age of five or six to 12 years old.,“To harness this opportunity, starting with the most vulnerable, small island States, we must all work together with scientists, multilateral institutions, regional banks, investors, and civil society like never before,” he urged..

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According to UNAIDS, men who have sex with men and transgender women, are among the communities most affected by HIV worldwide.,rush and roulette game,“Our ambition is nothing less than ensuring that all human beings can fulfil their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment,” she underscored..

From across the region, the UN in the Pacific brought together artists UN leaders, heads of State and international celebrities in the world’s first regional COVID-19 concert.,To illustrate the scale of the challenge still facing States parties to the Convention, the head of the UN in Geneva, Michael Møller highlighted the fact that there are 1.1 billion smokers today; 80 per cent of whom, live in low- to middle-income countries.,rush casino,The studies from WHO Europe show that a high proportion of baby foods are incorrectly marketed as suitable for infants under the age of six months, when in fact much of it contains inappropriately high levels of sugar..

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A new report by UN-Habitat and partners tracking SDG progress since their 2015 adoption coincides with the first review of SDG 11 at the HLPF.,gaming video editor online,Some 12.1 million Syrians are food insecure, while nearly three million more are at risk of sliding into hunger, the UN agency warned, highlighting the urgent need for increased humanitarian assistance. ,“Closing inequality gaps in the accessibility, quality and availability of water, sanitation and hygiene should be at the heart of government funding and planning strategies”, Ms. Naylor stressed. “To relent on investment plans for universal coverage is to undermine decades worth of progress at the expense of coming generations”.   .

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“The Dubai Expo 2020 is all about connectivity and connecting brains,” said Dr. Hashim Hussein, Executive Director, WEIF.,Qu Dongyu, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), told negotiators on Monday that as agriculture and food systems are “at the heart of the concept of sustainable development”, they are central to deliberations regarding the Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework, which is expected to be adopted at the UN Biodiversity Conference in October. ,“Urgent and strict regulatory red lines are needed for technologies that claim to perform emotion or gender recognition,” said the experts, who include Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights while countering terrorism..

gaming video editor online,The report stressed that the new global system must help avoid further fragmentation of the internet, address policy challenges emerging from the dominant positions of digital platforms, and narrow existing inequalities. ,This month, WFP started delivering emergency assistance to communities in regions bordering war-torn Tigray. So far, the conflict has forced 300,000 people from their homes and 1.7 million into the nextdoor provinces of Afar and Amhara.  .

She also noted that the UN will be collaborating with the AU on a new UN-European Union initiative to be launched at the UN General Assembly this September to end gender-based violence around the world.,In a joint report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), data shows that although a welfare safety net exists for 35 per cent of youngsters overall, that figure drops to 28 per cent in Asia and just 16 per cent in Africa.,In the lead up to Monday’s 72nd annual World Health Assembly (WHA), the World Health Organization (WHO) gathered people of all ages and abilities for a free walk/run event that ranged from three to eight kilometres.  .

Technical cooperation among these Southern States started as a pioneering associative effort to strengthen their diplomatic and international negotiating power through political dialogue.,The IMF is forecasting a 3.3 per cent global expansion in 2019, and 3.6 per cent growth for the following year, according to the annual World Economic Outlook. The uptick in growth is expected to be fueled by monetary policy accommodations in major economies.,The UN chief said that over the past decade, Haiti has drawn on the resilience of its people and the support of its many friends to overcome this disaster. .

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Meanwhile, 34 Palestinians and seven Israelis have been killed since the start of this year. ,The population size of more and more countries is actually falling. Since 2010, 27 countries or areas have seen a drop of at least one per cent, because of persistently low fertility rates. Between now and 2050, that is expected to expand to 55 countries which will see a population decrease of one per cent or more, and almost half of these will experience a drop of at least 10 per cent.,In some regions, adverse weather conditions are taking their toll on farm food outputs – notably due to drought in East Africa and floods in parts of Asia..

gaming video editor online,Mr. Cutts described a scenario where many people do not have shovels or other equipment to clear the snow, so they have been doing it with their bare hands, while children walk in the snow wearing just sandals.,“Collectively we have an opportunity to shape policies to reduce inequality, exploit frontier technologies and strengthen multilateralism for the benefit of all citizens across Asia and the Pacific,” she said..

The credibility of victims of trafficking and contemporary forms of slavery - including migrants and nationals – is now under attack in the UK, the Human Rights Council-appointed experts warned, in a statement published on Monday.,Amid deepening economic and political uncertainty, the UN has been supporting local institutions by providing medical kits for women and children, and aid teams are also delivering 100,000 treatments for severe acute malnutrition. Six temporary shelters have been set up in the western border states to house 1,600 people and offer them protection and information, as well as family kits containing food and clothing.,“Nothing can justify slavery, whether it be culture, tradition, or religion”, said the experts, Tomoya Obokata, Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, and Alioune Tine, Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Mali..

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The learning cycle takes four months to complete and is offered twice a year, matching the rainy seasons. Farmers are also taught the best ways to remove invasive weeds, notably “Prosopis spp,” which is accelerating the rate of degradation of rangeland ecosystems.,UN Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan said the practice raises concerns about rights violations, including the right to due process, as enshrined under a decades-old international treaty. ,“We are convinced that only dialogue can help resolve the deep crisis of trust in international relations and produce mechanisms conducive to peace and International security, as well as to sustainable development,” he concluded..

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gaming video editor online,Since conflict erupted in November 2020, Tigray and other regions have seen the widespread disruption of agriculture, elevated levels of acute food insecurity, and loss of livelihoods.  ,The event, the first of its kind, seeks to explore areas in which local government might have untapped potential to accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)..

They are not UN staff and do not receive a salary for their work. ,“The challenge for policymakers is to deal holistically with a number of areas – from connectivity and payment solutions to skills and regulations,” she explained. ,The insect first appeared in West Africa in 2016, then spread rapidly across all countries in sub-Saharan Africa in 2017, infecting millions of hectares of maize..

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As the UN’s largest emergency relief agency, WFP’s resources have been stretched this year by a number of unforeseen humanitarian disasters, such as recent flooding in the Philippines, the need to expand food voucher programmes in the occupied Palestinian territory and a recent eruption of a long-running conflict in northern Yemen between Government forces and Al Houthi rebels that has forced 150,000 to flee their homes.,Indigenous entrepreneur Celestina Ábalos runs a tourism business in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Quebrada de Humahuaca in Jujuy province, northern Argentina, sharing her community’s culture and knowledge of medicinal herbs.,UN News Dominique, you say that “everyday racism is normalized”. What do you mean by that?.

gaming video editor online,On the positive side, as the UN turned 70 it took landmark steps toward charting a better future for people and the planet – adopting, in September, the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its 17 goals to end poverty and build peaceful societies.,He also highlighted the importance of peace and security for socio-economic progress in all nations..

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This year’s theme, “Food is Love”, is based on the simple principle that food is essential; and yet one-in-nine people are going to bed hungry, Mr. Kors said, speaking alongside Black Panther star, Lupita Nyong’o, the 2019 campaign’s celebrity partner, at a meeting to promote the initiative at UN headquarters on Monday.,9 handed preflop chart,To mitigate the risks this year, FAO and WFP, in close collaboration with governments and partners, plan to closely monitor the impact of the drought on the price of staple foods; develop analysis on the food and nutritional security of the most vulnerable; work on agreements to allow the regulated, safe and orderly temporary migration of people from the rural communities most affected by the drought; and mobilize resources to scale rainwater harvesting and storage systems and reduce the impact of future droughts.,“A new approach is essential […] Of all the investments we make, education is the longest term need with children requiring 12 years of consistent, sustained and uninterrupted funding,” he added..

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“The pandemic has brought to the fore the importance of maritime transport as an essential sector for the continued delivery of critical supplies and global trade in time of crisis, during the recovery stage and when resuming normality”, UNCTAD’s Review of Maritime Transport 2020 said. ,rush casino,Temporary Basic Income: Protecting Poor and Vulnerable People in Developing Countries, estimates that it would cost governments upwards of 9 billion per month, to provide what UNDP describes as “a time-bound, guaranteed basic income, to the 2.7 billion people living below or just above the poverty line in 132 developing countries.”,UN News spoke with Samantha Mort, Chief of Communication, Advocacy and Civic Engagement at UNICEF Afghanistan, who assured that all offices remain open and warehouses full. .

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Other countries in the Sahel – Chad, Mali and Niger – also face a combination of violence, poverty and the effects of climate change. More than 2.5 million people have fled their homes in the Sahel region over the past decade.,alpha bet&123,In addition, the amount of money sent by international migrant workers to their families in developing countries is expected to rise to over 0 billion in 2019, up some billion from 2018, according to IFAD.,"And by this new work on energy efficiency we can help our countries to have more energy-efficient buildings, save on energy and implement the Paris Agreement," he added, while also underlining UNECE's engagement in the transition to a low-carbon economy and sustainable energy for all..

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In her remarks, the Deputy Secretary-General highlighted the UN’s work with and for the world’s youth, including the recently launched Youth2030, the Organization’s Youth Strategy, as well as the role of Jayathma Wickramanayake, the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Youth.,99 acres chances resort and casino,Mr. Solheim explained that UN Environment works with government, civil society and businesses, to turn protecting nature into a business opportunity, which benefits all.,Learn more about FAO's work in these countries here.

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Speaking from New York, Mr. Guterres said that this year’s event takes place “in the shadow of an enormously difficult period for economies, people and our planet.”,General Assembly President Miroslav Lajčák said that the investment gap in developing countries alone is some .5 trillion per year for major SDG sectors, given the much-quoted SDG price tag of trillion per annum.,It marks the start of a wider effort to support the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in protecting damaged artifacts, ahead of full restoration..

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said the coronavirus had “preyed on people” with NCDs, and that the risk factors they face “are increasing vulnerability to COVID-19, infection, and the likelihood of worse outcomes, including in younger people.”,Concluding his address, the Minister urged the international community to uphold and further strengthen multilateralism.,“Closing inequality gaps in the accessibility, quality and availability of water, sanitation and hygiene should be at the heart of government funding and planning strategies”, Ms. Naylor stressed. “To relent on investment plans for universal coverage is to undermine decades worth of progress at the expense of coming generations”.   .

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Since June, the UN team in Sri Lanka and NGOs have used the HNP to respond to the Government's request for more support to alleviate the impact of the country’s debt and food crisis, and shortages of medicines.,In a message released to mark the Day, the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, hailed tourism’s ability to drive sustainable development, and called for more investment in clean and sustainable tourism, the creation of decent jobs, and for measures to ensure that profits benefit host countries and local communities.,During the visit, the Mechanism visited Washington DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York City saying in a press release, that it had been pleased to learn about various promising initiatives that authorities have developed to combat racial discrimination affecting people of African descent..

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“With Haiti’s meager financial resources, we have begun to put the country on the track to progress. Today more than ever, we need this synergy to build our country’s future.”,“In small island states, for example, the collapse of tourism has greatly hindered their capacity to repay debts. And while the global response to the debt crisis is rightly attempting to support low-income countries, middle-income countries must not be left behind”, he stated. ,Director-General for FAO Jose Graziano da Silva announced plans to establish an International Centre of Excellence for Agriculture Innovation and Rural Development in Beijing during the forum; a facility that will provide training in agriculture innovation and promote investment in rural areas in an effort to reach the first 2030 Sustainable Development Goal of zero hunger..

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In 2016, 90.9 million tonnes of fish were captured in the wild – a slight decrease of two million from 2015 - and aquaculture production (which entails farming aquatic organisms as well as managing ocean habitats and wild populations), reached 80 million tonnes, providing 53 per cent of all fish consumed by humans as food.,“The world should do more to make gender equality a reality.”,Looking ahead, global FDI is forecast to see a “marginal” 10 per cent increase by the end of this year, UNCTAD’s World Investment Report, says..

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“Haiti can’t wait,” said Jean-Martin Bauer, World Food Programme (WFP) Country Director for the country. “We cannot wait for the scale of the problem to be expressed in deaths before the world responds, but that is where we are heading.”,“Behind these numbers, there are real people,” said Ollo Sib from the World Food Programme (WFP). “We did travel recently across the region. Almost everywhere we went, people are worried.”,At the same time, large parts of the developing world remain disconnected from the Internet, and many people lack access to high-speed broadband connectivity..

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“Hunger levels are rising unabated as persistent political instability, growing inflation and recurrent disasters continue to conspire against the people of Haiti”, the agency advanced.,The experts said they are deeply concerned at the increasing arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances of members of the Baha’i faith, as well as the destruction or confiscation of their properties, “in what bears all the signs of a policy of systematic persecution”. ,By November, it will have nearly tripled since the same time last year, OCHA warned.  “People in the ASAL region are facing a dire situation”, said Stephen Jackson, UN Resident Coordinator for Kenya, as he launched the humanitarian Flash Appeal for the Kenya Drought response. .

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Ms. Richter also took part in this year’s session of the Commission which dovetails with her agency’s priorities.,In a press conference for journalists based at UN Headquarters in New York, the Secretary-General said that with 84 Heads of State and 44 Heads of Government taking part next week, it showed the UN was still “the world’s indispensable forum for international cooperation”.,Although the 2018 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development of 2018 reflected some positive initiatives, it also showed the urgent need to step up efforts in areas such as energy cooperation, water and terrestrial ecosystems..

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And yet, today, close to a quarter of all species on the planet are in danger of becoming extinct in the next few decades.,However, they warned that needs have increased both in terms of severity and geographic scope. ,Ms. Mohammed’s packed Sunday schedule began with a morning session, the Motsepe Foundation Breakfast, on the subject of Sustainable Development Goal 5, which aims to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.”.

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The Secretary-General pointed to the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in 2007, which has led to broader participation of Indigenous Peoples in the work of the organization, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.,Their structurally weak and vulnerable economies saw a 17 per cent fall in FDI flows, to billion, potentially depriving them of the opportunity to build new industry and improve infrastructure.,And each year they dribble and pass their way through more than 450 live events..

gaming video editor online,A young woman in an Ouagadougou clinic in Burkina Faso has undergone reconstructive surgery to repair the damage caused by female genital mutilation at age 6. Photo: UNICEF/ Nesbitt,The renewed commitment from IFAD member States could not come at a more critical moment..

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