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“We will never weaken the multilateral mechanism. India believes that the world is a family, and the best means of resolution is shared discourse…The UN cannot be run by the ‘I’, it only works by the ‘We’”.,funrise casino real money,“The Committee urges Haiti to comply with its international human rights obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its Optional Protocols on the involvement of children in armed conflict and on the sale of children, child prostitution, and child pornography,” the statement said. ,“We know that conflicts breed where people suffer from poor governance, human rights violations, exclusion and poverty,” the UN chief said, applauding Africa's vision to build, by 2063, a peaceful and prosperous continent where democracy, human rights and the rule of law are entrenched and flourishing, starting with the aim to silence all guns by 2020..

With this loan IFAD said it will have financed nine Lao projects for a total of .3 million.,The students here, both girls and boys despite the name of the school, are benefiting from the World Food Programme’s school feeding initiative which aims to provide the most vulnerable children with at least one cooked meal per day.,Inequality in all its forms and dimensions, between and within countries, limits people’s choices and opportunities, withholding progress – Selim Jahan, UNDP,world lowest score in cricket.

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And the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls for an integrated approach in ending HIV, he added.,world longest player in cricket,“While debt financing remains an important source for achieving positive development outcomes in LDCs, the recent trends are a cause for concern” UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner said at the meeting on strengthening resilience to LDCs’ debt vulnerability..

Even though drought is a familiar phenomenon in the region, over the past four decades, droughts have become more widespread, prolonged and frequent ­– likely due to climate change. Though the region is not highly prone to drought, desert makes up three quarters of its territory, which stretches from Morocco to Iraq.,The UN relief chief met the Vice-President and members of the Federal Government, the Chief of Defence Staff, as well as the Governor of Borno State in Nigeria’s northeast, where the extremist group Boko Haram launched its Islamist insurgency in 2009, that has spread to neighbouring countries, Cameroon, Niger and Chad.. ,world lowest score in cricket,She said that around 12.9 million Yemenis have urgent humanitarian healthcare needs, with 540,000 children under five, currently suffering from severe acute malnutrition “with a direct risk of death.”.

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world lowest score in cricket

According to ITU, early technical trials, market trials and deployments of 5G technologies based on the foreseen developments slated for IMT-2020 are now anticipated.,Now, we have to intensify efforts to get to zero and stay at zero cases, repair the damage and strengthen social and institutional resilience throughout the continent, Mr. Ban urged.,He explained to UN News that, with the money he has saved, he has been able to branch out, and become a successful poultry farmer..

funrise casino real money,The concept is not new: products from Bordeaux wine to Parmigiano cheese have had protected labeling for decades or centuries. But the idea is spreading and such products are taking off throughout developing countries and regions.     ,Yet, in an increasingly globalized world, the efforts within Africa need to be supported by a revitalized partnership with development partners, including UN bodies and Member States, as well as by investment and financial and technical assistance..

The video-appeal includes players from across the English Premier League, Germany’s top division, the Bundesliga, and from the highest division of women’s football in France, Division 1 Féminine, accompanied by music from WFP’s Goodwill Ambassador, the Weeknd.,Specialized emergency response teams are ready to be deployed to support affected communities. ,This is not the first time the UN has put the scourge of alarming plastic debris at the head of its priorities. In 2010 the “Greening the Blue” campaign was launched to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability throughout the UN system and encourage staff members to reduce, reuse and recycle..

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world lowest score in cricket

According to trade and development body UNCTAD, the global economy posted its sharpest annual drop in output since records began to be aggregated in the 1940s, “with no region spared”.,world longest player in cricket,The UN partner agency has cautioned against imposing trade restrictions which would ultimately result in slower growth and lower living standards. .

The Assembly makes a big splash every year in late September when world leaders come to UN Headquarters in New York City to present their views about pressing world issues over a number of days, in what is known as the General Debate.,Caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis, TB commonly causes persistent coughing, fatigue and weight loss. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and its latest Global TB Report, around 10 million people developed TB in 2018 and three million sufferers “are not getting the care they need”.,world lowest score in cricket,“Reaching the 2030 Agenda and lessening the burden of non-communicable diseases requires early, widespread action at every level.”.

Another important feature of the app is that it can work offline, “so farmers can use it whenever they want it”, said David Hughes, professor of Entomology and Biology at Pennsylvania State University. “Nuru is like an extension officer who is always there for the farmers, in their fields," he added.,world lowest score in cricket,The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement (RCEP) was signed on Sunday by 15 countries including China, Japan, Australia, Vietnam and South Korea, jointly covering a total population of more than 2.3 billion people - five times the size of the European Union. ,Widespread criminality and looting of civilian infrastructure, including hospitals and humanitarian premises, have forced many Sudanese to flee and seek safety outside Sudan.    .

Greater attention needs to be given to the development of domestic supply chains, urges the report, noting also the importance of coherence and coordination between various policies, including those related to industries; science, technology and innovation; as well as rural development.,They need better health, education and sanitation services so that refugees and host communities can thrive, the UN refugee agency said, in line with the Global Compact on Refugees.,The World Social Report 2020, published by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), shows that income inequality has increased in most developed countries, and some middle-income countries - including China, which has the world’s fastest growing economy.,world longest player in cricket.

“In children, one of the factors that may influence the increased number of children with myopia, is that children do not spend enough time outdoors. It is a trend that is already observed in some countries like in China”, she said. “But of course, it is a trend that we can predict in other countries if they are an everyday habit, especially with child populations.”  ,rivers casino schenectady slots,The application of the local development approach requires that all key actors, including governments, the private sector, financial institutions, civil society and development partners, work together to succeed, according to speakers at the gathering organized by UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ugandan Government, and supported by a wide range of partners.,“Maintaining the soil’s important functions and ecosystem services to support food production and increase resilience to a changing climate calls for sustainable soil management practices,” she added..

Among the other activities he participated in today, Mr. Guterres addressed a high-level event to take stock of progress on the renewed partnership to end hunger in Africa by 2025, where he noted that agricultural and livestock productivity on the continent are under threat and hunger rates continue to increase, and cited the close links among hunger, food insecurity and poverty.,“The coronavirus pandemic is truly a test of all of our countries and societies”, Mona Juul said in a statement on Wednesday, announcing her decision to postpone the UN75 Youth Plenary and ECOSOC Youth Forum.,The heads of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank Group (WBG), the World Food Programme (WFP) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) called for rescuing “hunger hotspots” and facilitating trade, among other measures. ,world lowest score in cricket.

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Shirin Yaseen from the Office of the Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General visited northwestern Syria as part of an interagency mission to assess the situation there.,It featured an inter-governmental plenary, four high-level roundtables, 25 side events, a private sector forum, a civil society forum and a pre-conference event hosted by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and Bangladesh.,“It is critical that we come together now to support the Government in maintaining essential social safety net programmes and meeting the immediate food and nutrition needs of the most vulnerable communities.”  .

funrise casino real money,We’re at the point of asking ourselves, ‘will emerging technologies contribute to peace overall or will they undermine it?'  - UN's Fabrizio Hochschild,FAO also anticipates that 2018 world maize and wheat production could decline based on early forecasts. Worldwide wheat output could drop to 750 million tonnes, about 1 per cent below its near-record level of the previous year..

“The book is a practical operational guide of what works in getting goods and services moving across our region’s national borders.”,Wrapping up his remarks, the Secretary-General urged everyone to seize on the “generational opportunity” to shape our future for the better and reiterated the need to integrating the principles of sustainable development, and social and economic inclusion into financial decision-making.  ,Widespread criminality and looting of civilian infrastructure, including hospitals and humanitarian premises, have forced many Sudanese to flee and seek safety outside Sudan.    .

He pledged the UN’s support as an organization “that truly works with you”.,Cereal prices in January were up almost 2.5 per cent from December, and 6.3 per cent from January 2017. Despite large supplies, wheat and maize prices received some support from a weakened dollar and weather concerns. Meanwhile, renewed Asian demand continued to firm up international rice values in January.,In the face of such deep challenges, the UN chief stated that the LDCs “need a revolution of support” across three key areas. .

world lowest score in cricket

“Guide us to continue to make children’s rights a priority. Drive us to ensure their voices are not just heard, but listened to. And urge us to respond, and to act.  To ensure that all children, everywhere, are afforded their rights and fundamental freedoms.” ,On mitigating impacts of climate change, for instance, specific action includes developing space application capacity for climate modelling and vulnerability mapping as well as providing access to Earth observation data and products derived from space data through the Space Climate Observatory.,“These statistics show the growing importance of online activities”, said Shamika Sirimanne, UNCTAD’s director of technology and logistics. “They also point to the need for countries, especially developing ones, to have such information as they rebuild their economies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.” .

funrise casino real money,In N’Djamena, the two UN officials also met with senior Government representatives and parliamentarians, and discussed plans for national development, poverty reduction, the regional situation, and the recent Lake Chad Basin Region conference in Berlin.,Mr. Kharas has an intimate knowledge of the 2030 Agenda, having led the High Level Panel in 2015 which decided what should replace the Millenium Development Goals, the first example of the UN setting specific targets to make the world a better place for all..

The agreement calls on countries to deny entry or inspect vessels that have been involved in illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing, and to take necessary action.,“Women’s empowerment remains a particular challenge,” underscored UNDP.,Ms. Mizutori, who is also the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction, also highlighted the importance national strategies to strengthen resilience and mitigate natural hazard risks, a call made in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction..

The commitment is also timely given the global push to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, especially Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1 and 2 on on ending poverty in all its forms, and ending hunger and achieving food security, respectively.,He encouraged all present to take inspiration from the 2030 Agenda to forge the future we want.,He warned however that more profitable urban markets can lead to a concentration of food production in large commercial farms, and also the creation of value chains dominated by large processors and retailers..