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Mr. Guterres has extended his deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded. ,grade 1 online games,Speaking via videoconference from the Libyan capital, he said he was “angry and sad” by another mass civilian casualty event that took place the same morning against a local biscuit factory, in which 35 were reportedly injured, and 10 killed in an airstrike attack, yet to be classified as deliberate or indiscriminate. ,Their timely efforts in stabilizing and evacuating the victim showed how “every second counts” when providing medical assistance, according to a senior official at the mission. .

Over 700 people are reported to have been killed in the brutal response by the security forces since the military overthrew the democratically elected Government on 1 February. Thousands more have been injured – many of them seriously, and over 3,000 people are in detention.  ,Robin Geiss said that that diversion and trafficking of arms “destabilizes communities and exacerbates situations of insecurity, including by committing serious violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law, as well as violence against women and children in various contexts”.  ,“I therefore emphasize again the importance of concerted efforts by the parties to calm things on the ground. I am concerned that if we do not act quickly and decisively, we risk plunging into another deadly escalation of violence”, he warned. ,t20 world cup group a and b.

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“It is essential that international efforts find a solution to the plight of displaced persons and refugees still living in desperate conditions,” he said. ,t20 world cup group 2022 schedule,In a pre-recorded video message to the meeting, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed said Member States are currently negotiating resolutions on the next Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review and the 2020 review of the peacebuilding architecture, and that the 2016 resolutions on the matter led to greater coherence between development, humanitarian and peacebuilding actions.  .

I began volunteering in 2007, and this gave me a new perspective built around peace and helping to improve communities. It has been an inspiring, life-changing experience.,The forces of the self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA) have been laying siege to Tripoli since April, under the leadership of commander Khalifa Haftar, who is aligned with a rival administration in Tobruk, opposing the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) and allied forces, based in the capital. ,t20 world cup group a and b,He also underlined the UN’s full support of Mr. Obasanjo’s mediation efforts, and called on the international community to play a constructive role in supporting an end to the fighting..

t20 world cup group a and b

The agreement signed between the United States and the Taliban comes after a seven-day period of reduced violence in Afghanistan. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) welcomed the successful conclusion of this relatively calmer period, which is expected to lead to the start of intra-Afghan negotiations.,The UN chief congratulated the competitors, saying they embody the Olympic spirit of peace, mutual respect, and understanding. ,Mr. Guterres concluded his statement by reaffirming the UN’s commitment to working with all parties “in seeking a peaceful diplomatic solution for the complete and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”.

grade 1 online games,Addressing the humanitarian needs in North Korea requires an integrated response if it is to be effective, he declared, save lives and prevent more suffering.,Step one, is to have a finger on the pulse wherever tensions are running high. This requires being on the ground to best understand what is really going on, and how to diffuse it. .

The violence has left several people dead, or injured, as rival gangs battle to exert control over populous areas such as Martissant, Cité-Soleil and Bel Air. Hundreds of homes and small businesses have also been burned. ,“It is clear that organized crime takes advantage of the fragility of our State with respect to entrenched local interests. In this regard, it is essential that we strengthen the mechanisms that our main partners use to monitor the political process in Guinea-Bissau.”,Ms. Keita, formerly a top official in UN peacekeeping and political affairs, was appointed by the Secretary-General in January.  Since arriving in the DRC, she has met with President Félix Tshisekedi and other top Congolese officials, and with civil society representatives. .

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t20 world cup group a and b

The alert from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) comes as the World Food Programme (WFP) described the aid situation for vulnerable people in Tigray as “hand-to-mouth”. ,The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) expressed hope that the new pact, on the status of northern Iraq’s Sinjar district in Ninewa, would pave the way for a better future.,Although atomic weapons have only been used twice, by the United States in 1945, around 14,500 remain in the world today, with over 2,000 nuclear tests conducted to date according to the UN’s disarmament wing (UNODA) . .

t20 world cup group 2022 schedule,Ahead of elections in Myanmar on 8 November, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has stated his hope that the vote would help advance “inclusive sustainable development” across the country.,And while UN-brokered arrangements continue to allow medical patients to be transferred from Gaza to hospitals beyond, and humanitarian supplies into the enclave, the Palestine Authority’s (PA) decision to halt coordination with Israel remains..

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All that is required now is for their men to bring back the bulls to draw the ploughs. ,t20 world cup group 2022 schedule,“My call for a global ceasefire, goes hand-in-hand with this flagship initiative”, said Mr. Guterres, highlighting his months-long plea to all engaged in violence, to direct their fire instead at the common enemy – COVID-19. .

With donor fatigue setting in across the developed world, countries must come together, rich and poor, to find global solutions, “because this is a global crisis.  ,The talks between Somalia’s Federal Government and the leaders of its Federal Member States, which began in March, regrettably broke down in early April.,t20 world cup group a and b,“Ceasefires, they’re not on the horizon right now. But they may be in a couple of weeks; they may be a little bit longer than that,” he said. “And it will all depend on two things: the war, of course….and the talks.”.

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"Children and families are taking refuge in public facilities, schools, mosques, unfinished buildings and shops. Many are simply living in the open air including in parks, amidst heavy rains and in the freezing cold.",t20 world cup group a and b,The Secretary-General stated that millions worldwide look to the UN to bring unity and coherence to global efforts for peace and human rights, and to deliver on the promise of a sustainable future for all. ,The high-level debate, convened by Germany as president for July, follows the Council’s passage on Wednesday of resolution 2532 (2020), which demands a general and immediate cessation of hostilities in all situations on its agenda..

They found that presumed ADF combatants killed more than 260 people, mostly women and children, during November and December 2019 alone. Most of the attacks occurred at night. ,I realized that my brother was shot in the head and neck. I witnessed how his soul left his body - Boy, al Houla, witness to the execution of his entire family, 2012,The Darfur conflict began in 2003 between Sudanese Government forces, backed by allied militia known as Janjaweed, and Darfur rebel movements. Hundreds of thousands were killed, while scores more were displaced. ,t20 world cup group 2022 schedule.

He “reaffirms the commitment of the United Nations to supporting the people and Government of CAR in their efforts to consolidate peace”, the statement continued. ,casino club app,Our commitment to the communities of Iraq will only be satisfied when justice is delivered - Investigation Team head, Karim Khan,These are a result of a war that spiralled out of the 2011 uprising against President Bashar al-Assad's rule..

Over the past few months, the Taliban has been carrying out a major nationwide offensive in the wake of the withdrawal of foreign troops. ,The “historic” parliamentary election in December will be a critical test of Somalia’s progress in state-building, according to Mr. Swan, who is also head of the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). ,Since the start of the year alone, more than 670,000 children across the region have been forced to flee their homes. ,t20 world cup group a and b.

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“Terrorists have sought to exploit disruptions arising from COVID-19. They have sought to benefit from the setbacks to the development and human rights agendas, riding on the wavetops of polarization and hate speech amplified by the pandemic,” he said.  ,Emergency healthcare has benefited nearly 450,000 people in Gaza, and almost 400,000 have benefited from drugs and medical supplies. ,His request came in remarks to the latest conference to promote the treaty’s entry into force, which were delivered by UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Izumi Nakamitsu..

grade 1 online games,Only 10 such emergency special sessions of the General Assembly have been convened since 1950, following the adoption of resolution 377A(V), widely known as ‘Uniting for Peace.’,In a Presidential Statement, issued by the representative of the United Kingdom, Council President for February, the Security Council welcomed the agreement “as an important milestone in the Libyan political process” and urged the interim leadership “to improve services and launch a comprehensive national reconciliation process”. .

“While there has been substantial improvement in humanitarian access, active hostilities have been reported in the north-western, central, eastern, south-eastern and southern zones”, Stéphane Dujarric told correspondents at a regular press briefing.  ,The COVAX international vaccine initiative requires .2 billion over the next two months to ensure that “sooner rather than later”, World Health Organization (WHO)-approved inoculation can get underway in Africa, UN chief António Guterres said. ,Mr Huang added that his Office will also focus on additional priority issues.  These range from supporting political dialogue already underway and co-organizing a high-level workshop on fighting the illegal exploitation of natural resources, a root cause of instability..

Following independence in 2011, brutal civil conflict erupted two years later between Government forces commanded by President Salva Kiir, and militia loyal to his political rival, Riek Machar.,Mr. Guaidó, the National Assembly leader who declared himself interim President last January, was hoping to be re-elected to the post, which is appointed annually.,Speaking at a virtual press briefing, Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq told journalists that in the wake of reports of air attacks and shelling over the past few days, 2.7 million people have been internally displaced..

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Further, as he told the Assembly that Iran would not negotiate on the issue of its nuclear program as long as sanctions remain in place.,UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Thursday highlighted the need for a peaceful solution to the crisis in a message posted on his Twitter account. ,Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the ability of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to deploy to the country, Ms. Nakamitsu said that the Technical Secretariat that serves the multilateral body has “continued with its mandated activities”..

grade 1 online games,“I now call upon the Government of Yemen and Ansar Allah to follow through on their commitment to immediately cease hostilities,” the UN chief said, in reference to President Abdrubbuh Mansour Hadi, and the mainly Houthi opposition forces who occupy the capital, Sana’a.,We are heartbroken that our worst fears have been realized. Our focus is caring for the wounded and ensuring staff at other locations are safe. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General.

The visits also gave him “the opportunity to hear directly from Yemeni men, women and young people, on how a UN-led political process can help to address the situation in Taiz as part of a sustainable solution to the conflict.”  ,The condition of the aging vessel, FSO Safer – officially owned by the Government of Yemen, but controlled since 2015 by Houthi rebels - is deteriorating daily, upping the risk of an oil spill that would wreck ecosystems and livelihoods for decades, said United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) chief, Inger Andersen.,The interview has been edited for clarity and length..

Recently, international media reported that a plot was uncovered to kill or injure Ambassador Tun, who denounced the coup in the General Assembly Hall in New York. ,It said that it expects the novel coronavirus crisis to deepen the humanitarian, human rights and economic crisis in Haiti and to exacerbate existing vulnerabilities, pushing more people into poverty.,In its latest situation report, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday put the number of confirmed cases in Somalia at 1,502, with 59 deaths..

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