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The alert from the World Food Programme (WFP) and the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), coincides with ongoing conflict and disasters on the continent, and severe underfunding for their work.,free online egt slots games,Somalia generates the highest number of refugees in the world, after Afghanistan and Iraq. There are an estimated 1.5 million internally displaced persons inside Somalia and more than 680,000 Somalis live as refugees in neighbouring countries, according to UNHCR.,“All parties to the conflict in Syria are obliged under international humanitarian and human rights law to respect and protect humanitarian workers and other civilians,” he added..

Victims cited the absence of police stations, lack of confidence in the authorities, social stigma and fear of reprisals as reasons for not reporting the attacks.,“For decades, the children of Yemen have been living in fear and danger. They are now living through the hell of civil war and many have had to flee across the Red Sea, to Djibouti via Bab-El-Mandeb – the Gate of Tears,” explained UNICEF UK's Ambassador, speaking from Markazi refugee camp, located just outside the northern city of Obock.,“We are looking down the barrel of the monsoon season with the inherent risk of flooding, landslides, as well as the cyclone season,” he added.,hum saath saath.

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The economy of Gaza is also a cause for concern, he added: the World Bank described it as being in “freefall” in a September press release, with unemployment, poverty and food insecurity on the rise. Mr. McGoldrick said that an increase in partner funding is expected, in order to meet the most urgent needs of those living in the occupied territories, to protect the rights of those living under occupation, and provide basic services for the most vulnerable.,hum jan lagayenga mumbai indians add,“The magnitude of the crisis requires continued efforts and generous contributions by all partners to scale up health services for the vulnerable population,” she added..

This news comes after the UN and other humanitarian agencies were forced on Monday to leave after nine hours in Douma amid ongoing shelling in east Ghouta and the Syrian capital, Damascus. Only 10 trucks were fully unloaded while four were partially unloaded.  As a result, half of the food for 27,500 people was not delivered.,In the coming weeks, international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) plan to reach around 62,000 of those households with distributions of emergency shelters, and at least 16,000 tents and tarpaulins have been distributed to date. Further shelter will depend upon additional funding.,hum saath saath,Quoting Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church, he said, “it is necessary to pass from the strategies of political, economic and military power to a plan for global peace: No to a world divided among conflicting powers; Yes, to a world united among peoples and civilizations that respect each other’,” he said,.

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hum saath saath

UN News spoke to Marwa Awad, communications officer for the World Food Programme (WFP), based in the Syrian capital, who said the escalation and fighting in besieged and hard-to-reach areas has paralysed the UN's response and WFP's ability to reach those who desperately need help.,According to the World Food Programme (WFP), latest national data shows that about four in ten people in the DRC are food insecure, with some 15.6 million suffering “crisis” or “emergency” levels of hunger.,“In other words, there would be virtually no need for food assistance and the money saved could be spent on longer-term developmental initiatives to improve the lives of the most vulnerable,” said WFP..

free online egt slots games,The President thanked the UN Secretary-General for his engagement in getting Ukrainian agricultural products back onto international markets, with nearly 30 countries so far benefiting.  ,It was launched to protect crops and livelihoods from what are considered the most destructive migratory pests in the world. A single Desert Locust swarm, which can contain up to 150 million insects per square kilometre, is capable of eating as much food in a day, as 35,000 people..

In September, a ceasefire agreement led to the setting up of a demilitarized zone between Government forces and rebel-held parts of Idleb, which is the last part of the country still largely in opposition hands, and home to around three million civilians, many displaced from elsewhere.,“They had to stay a few months because of the violence. They had no proper food, they had no proper water to drink. And now that the violence has decreased they come back.”,Half of Yemen’s under-age-five children are chronically malnourished, and more than a million pregnant or lactating women are anemic..

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hum saath saath

“At the same time, this work provides a foundation of hope and dignity – serving as a critical conflict prevention mechanism in a turbulent region and moving our world closer to the promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to leave no one behind,” he added.,hum jan lagayenga mumbai indians add,This will directly affect hundreds of patients, including newborns and children, whose lives depend on dialysis services, incubators and ventilators in intensive care units, as well as other electrical life-sustaining devices and surgical interventions..

“These people have lost everything, and the trauma and the loss that they have suffered is unparalleled,” the Special Envoy said in front of the ruins of al-Nuri Mosque in the Old City.,On the recent political developments in Sudan, he reiterated his commitment to peaceful transition to establish real democracy that includes fair, free and transparent elections at the end of the transition period, in order to establish a civilian regime that represents all Sudanese people.,hum saath saath,In a strongly-worded personal message, UN Secretary-General António Guterres welcomed donor countries’ contributions to a more than billion fund, to speed up the production of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines to end the new coronavirus threat..

Further, he lamented: “I might have not been able to see my homeland reunited, with my Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot compatriots living in conditions of peace, prosperity and stability. However, I earnestly hope that during my lifetime, I will be able to witness a better and more stable future for humanity,” he concluded. ,hum saath saath,“They should take all feasible precautions to avoid, and in any event to minimise, the impact of violence on civilians,” he stressed.,The interim Prime Minister also criticized France for withdrawing its anti-terrorism force Barkhane from Mali last year, stating “my country was stabbed in the back”.   .

UN News Centre: This isn’t your first exposure to humanitarian work. Can you expand on your background in this area?                          ,Around 2.3 million people are currently displaced across Yemen, and, since June alone, more than 500,000 people have fled conflict in and around the strategically important port city of Hudaydah, the major port of entry for most of the county’s food and humanitarian aid.,“The Secretary-General will continue his efforts to ensure that the UN system, as well as Member States, work in a coordinated manner to combat sexual exploitation and abuse and spare no effort in supporting the victims.” ,hum jan lagayenga mumbai indians add.

“The tragedy of the Mediterranean cannot be allowed to continue,” said Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. ,casinos near us,Welcoming the signing of the National Strategy on Disarmament, Demobilization, Reintegration and Repatriation, the National Security Policy, the Internal Security Forces Development Plan and the National Reconciliation Strategy by the CAR, the Council also acknowledged “the achievement of significant post-transition milestones,” such as the peaceful and transparent election of President Faustin Archange Touadera, the swift formation of a new Government and the establishment of the National Assembly.,“Belligerents must do everything possible to protect civilians – not hurt, maim, injure or kill them,” added the UN official..

To survive, 33 per cent of households have also accepted working for food as payment. Others have sold family assets to cover basic needs, or even spent their savings on food.  ,He further noted that the reduced contribution “also impacts regional security at a time when the Middle East faces multiple risks and threats, notably that of further radicalization.”,“Working with partners, we have deployed additional staff specifically trained in psychosocial care to increase support to [sexual and gender based violence] refugee survivors and have conducted further outreach with community leaders and networks to ensure refugees are aware of what services are available to them,” he stated.,hum saath saath.

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He also noted that a global fundraising campaign will be launched in the days to come to seek commitment for UNRWA initiatives, including its schools and clinics throughout 2018 and beyond.,Meanwhile, Jan Gelfand, head of UN partner agency, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), support office in Jakarta, pointed out that previous disaster responses illustrated the value of providing rapid treatment for the injured, “not only to save lives, but also to prevent long-term health complications.”,The spokesman said that despite repeated appeals from UNHCR, and an apparent agreement reached two weeks ago between UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Pakistan's General Pervez Musharraf that agencies would help Afghans inside Afghanistan as well as the recent arrivals in Pakistan, the Islamabad Government had yet to facilitate the delivery of adequate assistance by relief agencies to meet all the needs in Jalozai..

free online egt slots games,Ten months into the Rohingya refugee crisis, the response continues to remain focused on addressing the massive humanitarian needs, and on mitigating the impact of monsoon rains in refugee settlements.,Hilary Charlesworth, from Australia, will replace James Crawford, also from Australia, who died in May and had been on the Court since 2014. She will serve the remainder of Mr. Crawford’s nine-year term, which has some two years remaining. .

According to the Needs and Priorities Plan published by the UN a few months ago, 1 million is needed to meet humanitarian needs in the areas of health, water and sanitation, and food security for about 6 million people.,In statement from Damascus, Fran Equiza, UNICEF Representative in Syria, said on Monday that the water supply from the Allouk station – the main source of water for some 460,000 people – has been interrupted,However, delivering supplies remains difficult in other parts of the country, he said, noting in particular the situation in Rukban where lack of security is hampering aid operations..

He also informed the Council that about 100,000 displaced persons returned to their homes in Raqqa since the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or Da’esh) was driven out last October.,Spokesperson Hervé Verhoosel briefed journalists in Geneva that the agency took the decision after efforts failed to prevent aid being diverted from those who need it most, despite repeated warnings:,The funds will also help to strengthen families’ capacities to cope with the continued pressures of instability, fragmentation and economic decline..

hum saath saath

"For once there will be world resources focusing on prevention through which the world can become a better place," Mr. Egeland said, adding he expected that donor nations would increase their financial support after the conference.,“There is only one way to go. We must strengthen and stabilize the current government,” he said, arguing that if the world community “incentivises [the Taliban]” to respect human rights, keep terrorists off their soil and have an inclusive government, “it will be a win-win situation for everyone”.,With the help of local and national authorities in Kenya, the World Food Programme (WFP) has begun rolling out aid for more than 400,000 urban poor in COVID-19 hotspots. .

free online egt slots games,The upcoming rainy season increases the vulnerability to waterborne diseases, such as diarrhea and hepatitis, and vector borne diseases, including malaria, dengue and chikungunya.,“Humanitarian donors have today expressed their solidarity and compassion with the families and communities in need,” said Mark Lowcock, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and UN Emergency Relief Coordinator..

At least 30 people have died in this tragic incident. There have also been reports that gunfire was used against passengers.,“Wherever you are, wherever you live, whatever you believe… That should make your blood run cold,” he continued, adding that the General Assembly had condemned Russia’s aggression “and over 140 countries in this room today” supported a General Assembly condemning Russian aggression against Ukraine, while the US had marshalled massive levels of support for the country, more than million to date. Mr. Biden said that his country had warned about the invasion and worked hard to avert war.  ,With regards to the Nile, Mr. Selima declared that, whilst Egypt recognizes the right of the Ethiopian people to development, this will never mean that the country lets go of the right of Egyptians to the river’s water, which has, he said, always been part of Egypt’s history. .

The UN Verification and Inspection Mechanism for Yemen – UNVIM for short – was established to facilitate commercial shipping in and out of Yemeni ports, in order to manage clearance requests and coordinate inspection of cargo at the ports of Hudaydah, Saleef and Ras Isa.,At the same time, he stressed that any potential UN aid to respond to the urgent and necessary humanitarian needs must enhance Iraq’s capability to rebuild destroyed infrastructure in a way that would help our cities and people, including Internally displaced persons (IDPs) to return to normal life.,On Wednesday, Mr. Beasely will travel to Lebanon, which is hosting nearly a million Syrian refugees, 700,000 of whom are dependent on WFP food assistance..