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While mineral-rich countries account for a quarter of global Gross Domestic Product, half the world’s population - nearly 70 per cent of their people - live in extreme poverty. And of the world’s 72 low or middle-income countries, 63 have increased their dependence on extractive industries over the past two decades.  ,first female icc,According to the UN agency, finalized figures will be released in July.,Kanni Wignaraja, who runs the UNDP’s Asia-Pacific bureau, spoke to UN News and started by explaining why the idea of universal basic income (where governments give a minimum sum of money to all citizens, based on work status or income) is starting to gain traction..

The removal from power of the sitting president in 2020 was followed by a coup in May last year, and a further military coup in August. Briefing the Security Council last month, the UN Special Representative who heads the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, reported that “insecurity has expanded, the humanitarian situation has deteriorated, more children are of out of school and the country has been affected by an endless cycle of instability.”,Many were already dealing with mounting debt before the pandemic, which has only further aggravated the situation. ,Nevertheless, the Catalonian Parliament declared independence and was thus immediately dissolved by the Government of Spain. ,esport black squad tournament.

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As displaced families try to return, the poorest often have little choice but to live in the ruins of their homes, in conditions that are hazardous to children. More than 21,400 homes have been destroyed or damaged in Mosul alone, according to UN figures.,esport betway,Further, he also said that pulses impact the environment positively due to their nitrogen-fixing properties, which increase soil fertility..

“We will be taking with us good practices that we will highlight in our final report including on the police training, and resources allocated to the investigation of hate crimes”, Ms. Mokgoro said.,“No country or community is immune. And, as we know, the poor and vulnerable are the first to suffer, and the worst hit,” said Mr. Guterres, warning that the climate crisis threatens decades of progress and jeopardizes all our plans for inclusive, sustainable development.,esport black squad tournament,Much greater solidarity is needed to counter the many challenges facing the world, he insisted, highlighting the “paralysis” of the UN Security Council on certain issues, and the fact that relations between the world’s three superpowers – China, Russia and the United States – had “never been as dysfunctional” as they are today..

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At individual, household, and community levels, activities such as cooking classes, home-garden kits, and training – on growing vegetables and fruits for example – are being rolled out via social media platforms and through on-site awareness sessions.,With mounting pressures in the areas of international trade, international development finance and tackling climate change, the report underscores that strengthening global cooperation is central to advancing sustainable development.,The vast Sahel region stretching west to east across the continent, is “teetering on the brink of full-blown catastrophe”, according to Robert Guei, FAO’s Sub-regional Coordinator for West Africa.  In most countries, food availability is declining and fertilizer prices are rising.  .

first female icc,During the 1960s and 1970s, with the global socio-economic climate entangled with Cold War politics, developing countries began seeking ways to chart the course of their own development; alternatives to the existing economic and political order.,As in previous years, a staggering one million people are also beyond the reach of international aid teams, said Mr. Schmale, who is the acting UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Nigeria..

Mr. Salih added that Iraq continues to face challenges.  They include rebuilding areas destroyed by fighting and helping those who fled to return home.  ,And when women are working, their unemployment rates are 24 per cent higher than their male counterparts. Women globally also do much more unpaid domestic and care work than men.,“To trade, you must first produce, and to be able produce and leverage science and technology in this production, you need education training and planning,” he said..

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The conflict in the DRC is on “such a massive scale”, that the country has the highest number of internally displaced in Africa, a large refugee population of 500,000, and is experiencing multiple crises, including in education, funding and healthcare, said David McLachlan-Karr, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for DRC. ,A major part of the campaign is an online survey where seafarers themselves are being encouraged to share their own views and experiences. The results of the survey will be analysed and presented to the IMO Council.,It goes on to encourage remittance service providers to explore ways to ease the burden on their migrant customers by lowering transaction fees, which now average 6.8 per cent worldwide, more than half the target set in the Sustainable Development Goals, according to the World Bank’s most recent Migration and Development Brief..

esport betway,The main UN agency dealing with the economics of globalization said Wednesday that the privacy concerns raised after the revalation that a political data firm gained access to millions of Facebook users without their consent “vividly illustrates that most countries are ill prepared for the digital economy.”,Marked this year with the theme ‘Workers on the Move: the Quest for Social Justice,’ the Day focuses on the world’s 150 million migrant workers, many of whom face exploitation, discrimination and violence and lack even the most basic protections..

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“Agricultural workers, including women, children and migrants and plantation workers, are increasingly faced with low wages, part-time work, informality, and a lack of social and economic protections,” said Hilal Elver, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, as she presented her annual report to the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee.,esport betway,“We urgently need solutions for every region that will enable investments in response and recovery, and in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” he said. .

The people we met all asked the same questions: can we get jobs? Can we get back our dignity and go back to our normal life? Can we become the actors of our future? Can you help us to go back to a normal life?,By contrast, this growth is predicted to be significantly lower in developed countries, particularly across Western Europe.,esport black squad tournament,The statement announced that the UN Special Representative for Afghanistan, Roza Otunbayeva, who also heads its Mission in the country, UNAMA, has initiated an operational review period up to 5 May. .

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“They must perceive agriculture as a remunerative and profitable sector and the dissemination of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in rural areas play an important role in this regard,” he added.,esport black squad tournament,Opening the session, the Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), Liu Zhenmin, argued that the pandemic had highlighted the critical role of social policies. ,Goal 11: To make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable..

“Over the past two years, volatile food prices, the economic crisis, climate change and conflict have led to a dramatic and unacceptable rise in the number of people who cannot rely on getting the food they need to live, work and thrive,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a message marking World Food Day.,At the time, some 300,000 people were injured, and 1.5 million became homeless during the 35-second-long tremor.,Mr. Somavia highlighted, in particular, the impact of the crisis on the world's young people, noting that “we have been failing our young women and men for some time now.”,esport betway.

He cited the need for investments in health and education, as well as in science, technology and industrialization.,icc world cup match live video,Many of these countries are stuck in poverty, where the only way out is with finance, trade and technology support. Countries can also graduate from the category if they meet a certain economic and social criteria. However, for many this goal remains out of reach.,The talk was hosted by Peter-Paul Verbeek, a Philosophy Professor at Twente University in the Netherlands, and a member of UNESCO’s World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST)..

“The international community cannot content itself with providing minimum assistance to the displaced and refugees in their regions of displacement only, while excluding programmes for their safe and dignified return”, he stressed.,“Countries will share and reflect the actions they have been taking to overcome the pandemic, to address its impacts and to build back better”, said Munir Akram, the President of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), which convenes the Forum. “A core issue would be whether and how they are using the SDGs as the blueprint for their response to COVID-19.” ,“Together we can ensure peace, prosperity, opportunity and dignity for all on a healthy planet”, he concluded.,esport black squad tournament.

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Referencing the UN High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation, which he launched in July, Mr. Guterres noted that – at a time when cooperation amongst actors in the digital space has not kept pace with new technologies – the Panel is working closely with the IGF to improve digital cooperation.,“Aid, life-saving aid, is desperately needed by civilians wherever they are irrespective of borders and boundaries,” he told journalists in Geneva. “We need it urgently, through the fastest, most direct, and most effective routes. They need more of absolutely everything.”,He called for strong political leadership and new partnerships, based on the existing legal framework, and concrete steps, such as expanding marine protected areas and reducing plastic waste pollution..

first female icc,Global Estimate of Children in Monetary Poverty: An Update, notes that sub-Saharan Africa, with its limited social safety nets, accounts for two-thirds of children living in households that struggle to survive on an average of .90 a day or less per person – the international measure for extreme poverty, while South Asia accounts for nearly a fifth of these children. ,A total of 14 trucks crossed into opposition-held areas of Syria from Türkiye at Bab al-Hawa, the UN migration agency, IOM, confirmed..

“We need a revived, pragmatic, result-oriented political process, in which all key actors engage to unlock opportunities in the earthquake-affected areas and to unlock wider possibilities too,” the Special Envoy said, while maintaining that for well over a decade, there had been little willingness both within the war-torn country and internationally to engage with the UN’s efforts to secure a peaceful future for Syrians.,If well managed, forest concessions can have multiple socio-economic and environmental benefits and increase the value of standing forests for present and future generations – Eva Muller, senior FAO official,At the same time, very high dependence on biomass, such as charcoal or firewood, for energy needs is resulting in rapid deforestation and creating long-term risks to the security and sustainability of the energy supply..

UNMIL was established in October 2003 to restore peace after two civil wars in Liberia, which resulted in more than 25,000 people being killed and 1.5 million forced from their homes., “We must seize this opportunity and take a strategic approach to managing the disruptions that such rapid change can also cause.”,For eight years, the resolution has allowed critical aid supplies to be delivered to northwest Syria “despite current limitations in its scope and duration.” .

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My people, the Noongar, were violently dispossessed from their lands by the British, and were basically enslaved: my great grandmother was an indentured child labourer. People who resisted the very cruel laws of the time were incarcerated and taken from their countries by chains to an island prison, where many died. Aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their families, en masse, as part of a policy called assimilation.,Referring to the last decade as “one of displacement”, Mr. Llosa added that the new one needed to be “one of solutions, starting right now in 2020”.,“Vesak,” the Day of the Full Moon in the month of May, is the most sacred day to millions of Buddhists around the world. It was on the Day of Vesak two and a half millennia ago, in the year 623 B.C., that the Buddha was born. It was also on the Day of Vesak that the Buddha attained enlightenment, and it was on the Day of Vesak that the Buddha in his eightieth year passed away..

first female icc,Executive-Secretary Alecia Bárcena - launching the “The Social Challenge in Times of COVID-19” report, at a virtual press conference in Santiago, Chile - said these transfers should then be made permanent and extend to those who are at risk of being caught in the poverty trap.  Such a step would pave the way towards a universal basic income, guaranteeing the basic right to survival, she said.,“We’ve seen the debate that started about State behaviour and responsible State behaviour has really become a much wider discussion about the role of the private sector, the role of communities, of regions, of cities, and indeed of individuals – and how to develop space for rights, for equity, for development and for access that enhances development of all”, she added..

“We chose the path of ambition,” he told a meeting of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC ), adding: “In a rapidly changing world, we cannot afford to have a slowly reforming UN development system […] we must act.”,“The prison sentences delivered today in Belarus against four human rights defenders, including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ales Bialiatski, are deeply troubling and indicative of the ongoing repression in the country,” said Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson for the UN human rights office, OHCHR.,Ensuring these actions is all the more important for the developing world, which constitutes the majority of the global population, and “thus have the greatest interest in enhancing the role of the United Nations,” said President al-Sisi..

“We know from experience that the proliferation of firearms will lead to increased risks of killings and injuries of both Israelis and Palestinians. The Israeli authorities must work to reduce the availability of firearms in society,” said the High Commissioner. ,“I congratulate African leaders for taking the leap into history by signing the African Continental Free Trade Area,” said Mr. Guterres in a statement on Thursday.,In a message marking the first commemoration of the International Day of Parliamentarism, Mr. Guterres, a former member of parliament himself, expressed his support for parliamentarians worldwide..

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