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“I can’t imagine any kind of development without women,” she stated.,hansa arminia bielefeld forebet,They called for greater international support to lawyers, legal aid providers, and non-governmental organizations working to advance justice and human rights – and for special attention to be paid to the situation of women lawyers and those working to promote gender rights.,The opening day of the Forum also saw agencies from Bahrain, India, Lesotho and South Africa win top laurels at the UN Investment Promotion Awards for excellence in advancing investments in critical socio-economic sectors..

ILO expressed its deep sadness over the loss of life, which included nine fire fighters, after chemical-filled containers combusted, one after another, around midnight on Saturday, at the BM Container Depot.,“People are moving at high rates within national borders, and international migration is growing more complex, with more countries serving simultaneously as countries of origin, transit and destination,” said Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed at the opening of the 51st Session of the Commission on Population and Development.,“Our ambition is nothing less than ensuring that all human beings can fulfil their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment,” she underscored.,points table icc cwc.

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Adopted by nations gathered at the UN Statistical Commission – the Organization’s highest decision making body for international statistics standards – the new economic and environmental statistical framework is expected to “reshape” decisions and policies for sustainable development and climate action. ,points table icc,The study also anticipates more modest export growth in 2018, at 3.5 per cent, while the import volume will increase by less than three per cent. Export and import prices, especially commodity prices, may trend downward, due to the potential slowdown of investment and consumption precipitated by rising uncertainties, causing slower trade value growth in 2018..

the UN Human Rights Council said on Monday. ,The Secretary-General flagged poverty eradication as the UN’s top priority, with the 2030 Agenda acting as its roadmap and the goals and targets its tools to get there.,points table icc cwc,Digital growth affects everyone, and traditionally unheard and marginalized voices should be more visibly involved in the IGF’s work. António Guterres.

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points table icc cwc

The ILO 2009 Global Jobs Pact can be a useful tool in this process, he noted.,Najat Rochdi the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Lebanon spoke to UN News about how the country has coped over the last 12 months and what the future holds.,“This is the moment to tackle long-standing weaknesses in the international debt architecture, from lack of agreed principles, to restructurings that provide too little relief, too late. .

hansa arminia bielefeld forebet,“Rather, we want the UN system to be united to fully support India’s government development plans and to fully support India’s leadership in relation to climate change, the Sustainable Development Goals and so many other efforts in which India is showing a leadership role,” he explained.,“Children are Iraq’s future,” said Geert Cappaelaere, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, adding that “the Kuwait Conference for Iraq this week is an opportunity for world leaders to show that we are willing to invest in children – and through investing in children, that we are willing to invest in rebuilding a stable Iraq.”.

When radio host Tashia Kalondo visited a conservancy in Namibia, she didn’t realize just how close she would get to the wildlife. Ms. Kalondo had travelled widely and seen wildlife before, but when the camp staff said they’d have to camouflage the gate to their campsite with shrubs to prevent elephants from coming in overnight, she found it hard to believe. “I laughed because, what a joke, right?” she recalls. “Wrong!”,Elsewhere in MENA, population growth is prompting a rise in food demand where exceptionally high wheat consumption coupled with skyrocketing sugar and fat consumption are leading to what FAO calls “an alarming spread of overweight and obesity.”,Tucker Friedman is known in the Louisiana swampland as the alligator whisperer. He set up his tour company Atchafalaya Basin Landing Airboat Tours 20 years ago and introduces visitors from around the world to the unique ecosystem of the swamps in the Mississippi River flood plain.  He entertains his customers by calling to the alligators in Cajun French, a Louisiana vernacular, and then tickles them on the chin. .

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points table icc cwc

“If taxpayers contribute to public debt relief, private creditors should be obliged to participate on the same terms,” they said. “Debt relief must be effective and fair for all, and its costs must be shared by private creditors as well.” ,points table icc,it is important that Rohingya refugees are able to live in safety and with dignity – UN refugee agency.

Explaining the benefits, Shamika N. Sirimanne, the Director of the Technology and Logistics Division at UNCTAD said: “Fostering competition among ports is important to ensure that port operators maximize efficiency and pass on efficiency gains to their clients.”,In the interview, which took place at the Palais des Nations, the UN building in Geneva, Mr. Griffiths also said that, by Monday, he hoped to receive written assurances from the Taliban Deputy Prime Minister that aid agencies and their partners will be able to operate freely inside Afghanistan and have complete control of their operations. ,points table icc cwc,According to the report, an unfavorable international scenario will spark a drop in the region’s growth to 0.5 per cent this year – lower than the 0.9 per cent registered in 2018. .

“The book is a practical operational guide of what works in getting goods and services moving across our region’s national borders.”,points table icc cwc,Each year, illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing is responsible for annual catches of up to 26 million tons, with a value of up to billion, FAO said.,But as much as it is a “vector of hope, it is also a source of fear”, that will cause massive disruption to labour markets as they adapt with an “enormous amount of jobs both created and destroyed by artificial intelligence”, added the UN chief..

“This bill is a golden opportunity that will allow countries in debt distress to shift their budgetary priorities and, by providing for better living conditions, reduce the risks for investors in these countries and create better opportunities,” they said. ,Some governments in the region are showing a growing interest in investing more in national school meals programmes. The Government of Benin has allotted million to feed 400,000 children over the course of five years in partnership with WFP, using a home-grown school meals model. ,Paying tribute to all the victims, the UN in Haiti remembered not only the hundreds of thousands of Haitians who lost their lives 12 years ago, but also the many thousands more who sustained permanent injuries.,points table icc.

Despite 16-hour days of back-breaking work as a farmhand, carting stone to a construction site, she might still come home without enough to eat.,bets traffic for leads in maxbounty,Ms. Pollack-Beighle concluded by saying that, “if there were no United Nations, today, we would be calling for its creation,” and the we should “focus on what binds us, rather than what divides us.”,In less than one month, 21 ships have departed from Ukrainian ports and 15 vessels have left Istanbul for Ukraine to load up with grain and other food supplies, recapped Mr. Guterres.  .

So, I decided that I would come back home, and start a company to serve my community.,"The fisheries sector is crucial in meeting FAO's goal of a world without hunger and malnutrition, and its contribution to economic growth and the fight against poverty, is growing," said José Graziano da Silva, FAO’s Director-General.,“The continent suffers from the highest road traffic fatality rate than any other region – despite having less than five per cent of the world’s registered vehicles,” Mr. Todt said, noting the particular importance that improving road safety has in changing the lives of Africans.,points table icc cwc.

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According to WTO Director General Roberto Azevêdo, the reduction of trade costs with the Trade Facilitation Agreement is “striking.”,The Rohingya, a majority Muslim community, have been fleeing waves of violence and persecution in Myanmar. More than 700,000 left the country in 2017 to escape a brutal military crackdown. ,“It is a win-win opportunity which governments must seize,” said Abdou Dieng, UN World Food Programme (WFP) Regional Director for West and Central Africa. “Children enjoy healthy meals that make it more likely that they will stay in school and learn for a better future, while jobs are created and businesses develop.”  .

hansa arminia bielefeld forebet,The second piece of advice from his brother was, “tell your truth, leave the youth with something they can take into the future,” Mr. Taufatofua said.,Her appeal follows that of the UN’s outgoing Special Envoy for the country, Martin Griffiths, who on Monday told the UN Security Council that roughly two-thirds of the war-ravaged country’s population – about 20 million people – rely on humanitarian aid for their day-to-day needs..

The closing day of the WEIF 2022 saw the participants, partners and co-sponsors, including the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)-ITPO, as well as the Arab League, Arab Chambers of Commerce, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), express their strong commitment to achieving the 17 Global Goals outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.,The impact of the war in Ukraine and subsequent economic downturn on child poverty in eastern Europe and Central Asia, warns that ripple effects of the surge could result in a steep rise in school dropouts and infant mortality.,While there is no data on the number of people born into slavery according to Mali's National Commission on Human Rights, the experts’ statement highlighted estimates from some organizations of at least 800,000 victims, including 200,000 living “under the direct control of their ‘masters’”..

The Committee commended all countries concerned for their cooperation towards reaching an amicable settlement to the racial discrimination disputes.  ,“This is a very tall order,” she acknowledged. “Bureaucrats can make the rational arguments. Demagogues can make the publicly appealing ones. Only great political leaders can make both.”,The Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA), was itself crafted in the wake of the devastation of the Indian Ocean tsunami, which claimed 227,000 lives. The HFA has since produced some important successes, including the reduction in the number of people directly affected by natural disasters in Asia – where most such disasters occur – by almost one billion..

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The report also provides evidence of the “intimate correlation” between migration and trade – two sides of the same coin – said Junior Roy Davis, the lead author of the report.,Launching the Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean 2019 at a press conference in Santiago, Chile, ECLAC Executive Secretary Alicia Bárcena pointed to “less momentum from world economic activity and global trade; greater volatility and financial fragility; questioning of the multilateral system; and an increase in geopolitical tensions” as the reasons driving the downward-looking forecast. ,Sessions designed for mothers with young children, pregnant and nursing women, provide information on iron-rich foods and anaemia prevention..

hansa arminia bielefeld forebet,But the food emergency in the Horn of Africa, the plight of Haitians compounded by last months devastating earthquake, and early warnings coming from other parts of the world are constant reminders of the need for both comprehensive and sustained action, he added.,This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and Mr. Türk noted that the document has paved the way for rights, dignity and equality for all people. .

The UN agency is already working in an “unprecedented” number of emergencies, from the fall-out of devastating flooding in Pakistan, to catastrophic food insecurity across the Sahel and in the greater Horn of Africa.  ,Addressing the panel on uplifting women's entrepreneurship, Farida Al Awadhi, the Chairperson of Emirates Businesswomen Council, said: “Unfortunately, women in Middle East and the Arab countries have been undermined or media has misrepresented them.”,“This is a very tall order,” she acknowledged. “Bureaucrats can make the rational arguments. Demagogues can make the publicly appealing ones. Only great political leaders can make both.”.

At the Human Rights Council in Geneva, David Boyd, Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, insisted that air pollution is a “silent, sometimes invisible, prolific killer” which affected women and girls more than men.,“Reaching furthest behind first is not a luxury. It is not a charity either. It is an international obligation, a duty and social responsibility,” KP Sharma Oli, the Prime Minister of Nepal, told leaders gathered at the Assembly’s annual debate.,“The practice of incommunicado detention of members of the political opposition and prominent figures sentenced to lengthy prison terms for voicing dissent increased in 2023,” the 18 Special Rapporteurs and Human Rights Council-appointed Working Group rights’ experts said..