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WFP Executive Director David Beasley warned “famine is at humanity’s doorstop”, threatening to destroy lives and undo so much we hold dear. ,tata time matka result,The CAR has been plagued by decades of instability and fighting. A renewed violence erupted in December 2012 when the mainly Muslim Séléka rebel coalition launched a series of attacks. A peace agreement was reached in January 2013, but the rebels seized the capital, Bangui, in March, forcing President François Bozizé to flee.,According to a senior UN humanitarian official in Nigeria, rural communities are shocked by the brutality of the attack and fear for their safety. .

DPRK's leader Kim Jong-un said earlier in the day - according to news reports - that after conducting a total of six nuclear tests since 2006, further missile tests as part of the country’s nuclear weapons programme, were no longer needed.,The senior UN official said controlling and regulating the flow of small arms and light weapons requires action that goes beyond national security institutions.,“The first line of the United Nations Charter commits us to saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war,” UN General Assembly President Miroslav Lajčák said in his opening remarks to the High-Level Meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace, which runs through tomorrow at UN Headquarters in New York.,tata time bazar result.

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tata time matka result

On 15 March, UN colleagues had delivered a convoy of food assistance for 26,100 people in need in Duma. Those positive efforts were long overdue, but limited, he said. Elsewhere, there had been fresh allegations of the use of incendiary weapons in urban areas, as well as the targeting of medical facilities. There have also been allegations of chlorine use, he said.,tata time bazar matka,“Yet people are demanding that the Russian Federation acknowledged its guilt,” he said. .

Ambassadors also met with civil society, parliamentarians and Government representatives. ,“I am particularly concerned about the potential risk of a violent escalation,” said Special Coordinator Nickolay Mladenov, briefing the 15-member Council via video-link.,tata time bazar result,“The Secretary-General calls for concerns regarding its implementation to be addressed through the mechanisms established by the agreement,” and “believes that issues not directly related to the JCPOA should be addressed without prejudice to preserving the agreement and its accomplishments,” Mr. Dujarric added..

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tata time bazar result

All parties involved should be reminded that even efforts to combat terrorist groups identified by the Council do not supersede these humanitarian obligations.,While more than 80 per cent of the people who have returned to Somalia are from that second group, Mr. Keating said that some have been at the camp for 27 years, some of them second- and even third-generation refugees.,In an  opinion piece for the Washington Post on Thursday, Mr. Yamamoto - who also heads the UN Mission in the country, UNAMA - said that both the Afghan government and the Taliban were "tacitly recognizing the growing popular expressions of frustration with the unending war.".

tata time matka result,“At a time of upheaval across the region, Lebanon cannot afford to be drawn into conflict with its neighbours,” he added, underscoring that countries in the region should work to avoid any steps that could lead to misunderstanding, confrontation or escalation.  ,“The fighting between the government and rebel forces, which broke out in several parts of Greater Upper Nile and the Bahr-El-Ghazal in the past few weeks, has to stop once and for all,” she said..

AUDIO: Retired Lieutenant General Carlos Alberto dos Santos Cruz of Brazil, the lead author of a new independent report aimed at improving the security of peacekeepers, talks to UN News about what’s needed to make sure ‘blue helmets’ get better training, access to more technology and have greater freedom to respond to the threats.,The ”Living Library is one the activities supported by UNDP in these conflict areas to promote dialogue and reconciliation between communities.,Until now, no supplies have been allowed into the conflict zone, which has displaced thousands, many across the border into Sudan..

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The head of UN peacekeeping, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, told the gathering that the global organization is in a good position to start supporting the force through its integrated operation in Mali, known by its French acronym, MINUSMA.,tata time bazar matka,“This year we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The principles and standards enshrined in the Universal Declaration should guide the search for a durable solution to the question of Palestine”, said Ms. Mohammed, adding that a solution had to be found “that must be based on international law, the legitimate aspirations of Palestinians and Israelis, as well as dialogue for reconciliation and for accountability.”.

While in Lebanon, Mr. Lacroix met with President Michel Aoun and other senior officials, and saw first-hand the crucial work done by UNIFIL, in close coordination with the national armed forces.,Most recently the Security Council authorized a further temporary increase of nearly 3,000 troops in the face of an upsurge of the conflict in North Kivu, where the national army, the mainly Tutsi rebel National Congress in Defence of the People (CNDP), the mainly Hutu Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), and other rebel groups such as the Mayi Mayi have clashed in various permutations and shifting alliances.,tata time bazar result,Regarding the measures set out in the action plan, the statement said that the Council “looks forward to further sequential implementation” of the plan, ahead of the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections within a year..

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Virginia Gamba: Well, we have been task-mandated by the Council, to identify perpetrators on the use of toxic chemicals in Syria, over the last two years. And we spent some time looking at this – we had nine cases that we mentioned we would want to go forward with – and now we have finally concluded on the nine cases. So the report talks about three cases that the Leadership Panel has found sufficiency to prove who the responsible members are. In the three cases, the responsible ones were identified as Syrian Airforce (in two of them), with chlorine gas, and in one of them, ISIS, with the use of sulphur mustard. There were other three; I will tell you their names: the first one was Talmenes- and that happened in 2014 on the 21st of April. The second one was the 16th of March 2015 in Sarmin- and these two were attributed to the Syrian Airforce; and the third one was on the 21st of August 2015, in the city of Marea- attributable to ISIS.,tata time matka result,Mr. Lowcock recalled that the Council had been briefed “in minute detail – month after month – on the scale of the suffering of the Syrian people,” with endless reports on dead and injured children, women and men.,Ellen Margrethe Løj: The Security Council visit is a chance for the Council to see, firsthand, some of the challenges facing the people of the South Sudan – especially those who are located in UNMISS Protection of Civilian sites – but to also meet and interact with ordinary South Sudanese, civil society, women's groups, etcetera, and to hear from them what their daily life is, so that all in all the Security Council will to get a picture of some of the security, human rights, and other challenges they face on daily basis..

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Similarly, a competing draft – penned by Russia – which would have established the mechanism for one year as well but would have given the Security Council the responsibility to assign accountability for the use of chemical weapons in Syria, was also not adopted.,Agreed by the 15-member body in 2015, that text calls for free and fair elections for all Syrians and a newly-drafted constitution, as the basis for a Syrian-led, Syrian owned process to end the conflict.,Ms. Makotose, a Zimbabwean national, has a wealth of experience in policing and management, with a policing career that spans more than 30 years.  Within the UN system, she has had a taste of peacekeeping operations before her current posting: she was among the officers who served in the UN Mission in Liberia, (UNMIL) in 2005..

tata time matka result,Education is a human right.,Noting that UN’s response to such challenges remains fragmented, Mr. Guterres highlighted that changes needed to be made to rebalance the approach to peace and security..

The co-chairs of a group within the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), namely France, Russia and the United States, has issued an appeal urging all sides to intensify efforts toward a peaceful negotiated solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict involving Armenia and Azerbaijan and to prevent any potential escalations along the line of contact.,Earlier today, Jan Kubis, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq and the head of the UN Assistance Mission in the country (UNAMI) also denounced the attack and said that despite a defeat on the battlefield, terrorist groups continue to pose a threat, in particular to ordinary citizens.,Third, investment in longer-term infrastructure projects is needed to ensure Gaza remains livable..

Mr. Alfano also said that the OSCE is also dedicating attention to transnational threats, such as terrorism, radicalization, illicit trafficking of arms, drugs, cultural goods and hazardous waste; the links between terrorism and organized crime; international money laundering; and the sources of funding of terrorist groups. ,Ambassadors also met with civil society, parliamentarians and Government representatives. ,It further stressed the importance of MINUSMA having the necessary capacities, including combat convoy companies, to fulfil its mandate and promote the safety and security of the UN peacekeepers..

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On Sunday the National Congress Party and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement agreed on a road map to resolve the Abyei dispute, including through arbitration.,The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously on Saturday in favor of a 30-day cease-fire in Syria, and demanded immediate lifting of sieges on war-ravaged east Ghouta, where, earlier this week, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said some 400,000 people are living “in hell on earth.”,Noting the proposed initiative of President Vucic of Serbia for an internal dialogue on Kosovo, Mr. Tanin, who is also head of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), underlined that “pursuing fair, difficult, often painful, compromises demands strong leadership from all sides.” He stressed that political reconciliation must also be accompanied by societal reconciliation..

tata time matka result,Now, as the UN celebrates its 70th birthday, this brittle seed has grown into 71 well-armed forces over the intervening years, comprising hundreds of thousands of troops and police from scores of donating Member States, equipped with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for reconnaissance and muscular mandates to take the initiative in using force to protect civilians.,In a statement released by his spokesperson, Mr. Ban paid tribute to Mr. Gore's “exceptional commitment and conviction, as an example of the crucial role that individuals and civil society can play in encouraging multilateral responses to global issues.”.

On Friday, Secretary-General António Guterres also voiced deep concern over the situation in Yemen, calling for urgent action on the part of the international community to “stave off catastrophe”. ,Most of those interviewed had some health conditions, likely due to years of lacking medicine and health care.,“Key in this undertaking will be an agreement amongst you here gathered today on a government of national accord that is representative of all Libyans, and that can start working quickly to assume its responsibilities in addressing the many difficult challenges facing your country, and working towards stabilising and restoring peace to towns and cities across Libya, beginning with its capital, Tripoli,” Mr. Leon said..

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Concluding, he said stronger support to the G-5 Sahel joint force – including predictable and sustainable financing – remained critical for reducing the risk during counter-terrorism operations.,While in Kabul, the UN chief met with displaced men and women from the Kapisa province, now living in a settlement on the outskirts of Kabul.,The marking of the Day this year was already a particularly sombre occasion. In early April, seven personnel were murdered in an attack on a UN compound in Afghanistan, and a few days later, 32 lives, many of them UN staff, were lost in the crash of a plane serving the UN peacekeeping operation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo..

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tata time matka result,“The Agency is closely following developments related to the nuclear programme of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. We continue to enhance our readiness to play an essential role in verifying the DPRK’s nuclear programme if a political agreement is reached among countries concerned,” he said.,The UN chief underscored that national efforts to build and sustain peace are more effective if they are inclusive..

“We are no longer dealing only with tanks, planes, and uniformed troops,” Miroslav Lajčák told a two-day regional forum on ‘Sustaining Peace’ held in Doha, Qatar, explaining that other factors, such as terrorism, growing internal violence, new technology and climate change, have transformed the faces of conflict and peace.,The situation isn’t as dire as that yet, he added, but a lot of places are “on the cusp” of passing into severe vulnerability.,Disarmament is all about preventing major catastrophes in times of conflict..

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During his address to the Council, Mr. León also reminded Libya’s leaders that they have a unique opportunity to reach a political settlement that could spares their country and people further bloodshed and destruction.,Earlier this month, the Government of Afghanistan had announced a temporary ceasefire, starting on the 27th day of Ramadan, 12 June, and running through the end of Ramadan on Thursday, into the third day of the Eid-ul-Fitr festival, which begins on Friday.,The JCPOA – reached by Iran, China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, the US and the European Union – sets out rigorous mechanisms for monitoring restrictions placed on Iran’s nuclear programme, while paving the way for the lifting UN sanctions against the country..

tata time matka result,At least 22 people have been killed and over 100 injured in clashes, which erupted following the arrest of a member of a criminal group by CAR’s security forces.,If one of the Council’s five permanent members casts a negative vote on a resolution, the text cannot be adopted..

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According to reports, at least 14 civilians were killed and over 30 injured in two attacks that took place on Monday morning (local time) in a heavily populated neighbourhood in central Kabul. The second attack was timed 30 minutes later to target journalists arriving on the scene and emergency services personnel seeking to provide aid to victims of the first attack.,top 10 rummy site in the world,Underlining the need to bring the perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of these reprehensible acts to justice, the Security Council urged all States, in accordance with their obligations under international law and relevant Security Council resolutions, to cooperate actively with the Governments of Mali and Burkina Faso as well as all other relevant authorities in this regard.,Emphasizing that any use of chemical weapons for harmful purposes is illegal under international law,  WHO stressed that global norms against chemical weapons reflect a particular abhorrence to their disproportionate harm to the old, the most infirm, and the very young..

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According to media reports, no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, and the Taliban militant group has denied any involvement. Afghanistan has been in protracted conflict for nearly four decades. ,tata time bazar result,“An entire generation of children in Yemen faces a bleak future because of limited or no access to education,” said Meritxell Relaño, UNICEF Representative in Yemen. “Even those who remain in school are not getting the quality education they need.”,These include: the massive growth in the number and diversity of actors operating in outer space, including governments and the private sector; the proliferation of hazardous space debris; and increasing dependence on outer space in the civilian, government and military sectors..

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Welcoming the progress made in the peace process since February 2014 and noting the outcome of the recent Conference on Cyprus, the Council encouraged the two sides and all involved participants to sustain their commitment to a settlement under UN auspices.,telegram channel for ipl betting,“It is now key to stabilize the areas that have been reclaimed, and that we seize the opportunity to really promote sustainable development,” said the UN deputy chief, speaking via videoconference from Liberia where she is participating in celebrations to mark the end of the UN peacekeeping mission in that country, known as UNMIL.,UNHCR believes that returns are not yet safe or sustainable, since peace and security are lacking..

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“Every day counts. We believe that tens of thousands have already died. Hundreds of thousands face imminent starvation and death,” she warned, calling for a scaling up of resources. “We can act to prevent further loss of life and ensure the survival of those who are on the brink of death.,team india selection for england tour,In the Statement, the Council noted “with great concern” the impact that access restrictions on commercial and aid imports have on the humanitarian situation, and called on the parties to “immediately facilitate access for these essential imports into the country and their distribution throughout in order to reach the entire civilian population.”,On 14 February, the Haitian National Assembly elected Jocelerme Privert as the island nation's interim President, one week after former President Michel Martelly departed without a successor. Mr. Privert served as interim President for 120 days, and an election had been scheduled for 24 April, following an agreement – known as the 5 February Agreement – between Haitian stakeholders to preserve institutional continuity and further the electoral process.V.

Main features of the latest version:

tata time matka result

“I think the major challenge is that in a normal, traditional peacekeeping mission, the peacekeepers normally go into an area where there is a peace agreement that has been signed,” noted Mr. Mollel, adding that, unfortunately, that is not the case for UNAMID.,This includes initiatives such as providing alternative livelihoods to former combatants, or working with grass-roots organizations and community violence reduction programmes.,The evening before, MINUSCA peacefully recovered and sheltered 13 women, seven men and three children after the temporary Tagbara base was informed that ex-Seleka Unité pour la Centrafrique (UPC) had detained the 23 people..

In a statement to the press on behalf of the members, Council President Jean-David Levitte of France called the incidents in New York, Washington, D.C. and elsewhere "a tragedy for - and a challenge to - all humanity.",Barriers that hold back intra-African trade and production capacities must also be broken down, including through eliminating tariffs, building “made in Africa” supply chains, and harmonizing regulations that would enable investment.  ,Her Russian counterpart Vassily Nebenzia said that while some Western countries are chasing “the phantom chemical weapons” of Damascus, the dangerous potential of chemical terrorism continues to accumulate in the region. He added that Western countries insist on recreating a JIM which would rubber-stamp the decisions that they need and that his delegation has proposed an alternative to the former JIM and circulated a draft resolution..

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They are calling for a lot of investors to come in, private sector to come in, which is really fundamental, actually. Aid alone is not enough." - Bishow Parajuli (UNDP),“We need a fundamental reform of the global financial system so that Africa is represented at the highest level,” he said.   ,In accordance with its mandate, MINUSCA has deployed reinforced patrols to secure key locations in Bangui in close cooperation with the national security forces and is monitoring the situation..

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The positive aspect is that following the two rounds in August and October 2015, 14 seats out of a total of 20 have been filled in the Senate, and 92 seats out of 119 in total were provided to the Chamber of Deputies. I say positive because the Haitian Parliament was able to work again on 1 January 2016, after a year of not functioning.,It’s been five years since hunger levels were this bad across 55 countries under review, according to the Global Network Against Food Crises (GNAFC), which noted that 20 million more people went hungry last year than in 2019. ,“The Secretary-General is encouraged by the determination of the people of Zanzibar to build a peaceful and united future, and reiterates the readiness of the United Nations to assist them,” it added..

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“Peace may be achieved around the negotiating table, but it is sustained around community tables,” said Mr. Ban. “Peace starts with people; it flows from the hearts of committed women and men.,Turning to sustainable and inclusive development in Africa, the UN chief stressed the importance of investing in youth and women's empowerment.,“More than 70 people sheltering in basements have reportedly died, with 43 of those deaths related to symptoms consistent with exposure to highly toxic chemicals,” according to an agency statement on Wednesday..

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Mr. Ban voices concern about the delays regarding the action plans and urges the Government to facilitate their preparation, as appropriate.,The outgoing political chief also underscored the importance of the Secretary-General’s reform agenda in making the UN more effective, more transparent and “to show Member States that this Organization can evolve to address today’s challenges.”,The meeting was held following overnight airstrikes in Syria launched by the United States, with support from France and the United Kingdom, which targeted installations connected to the country’s chemical weapons capabilities..

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“There must be a possibility for all Libyans to live together.”,“Such brutal acts of violence are unacceptable,” Manuel Fontaine, UNICEF Regional Director for West and Central Africa, said in a statement. “Attacks on schools deny children their right to learn in a safe environment and can rob them of their future.”,“A sustainable political resolution of the conflict is also the only avenue to chalk out a viable exit strategy” for the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Bintou Keita told the Security Council..

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In the statement, Mr. Guterres also underscored the UN’s commitment to the implementation of the Action Plan for Libya.,Mr. Guterres also highlighted the role of Chapters VII and VIII on action with respect to threats to the peace, breaches of the peace, and acts of aggression; and regional arrangements, respectively, and said that regional perspectives are critical in understanding challenges and regional ownership essential for sustainable solutions.,Boko Haram, an Islamist militant organization based in north-east Nigeria, has carried out raids, suicide bombings and kidnappings across the Lake Chad region over the past decade..

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“Yesterday, even as the city was being shelled and bombarded, an UN-contracted vessel, which is docked at Hodeida port, off-loaded thousands of metric tonnes of food. Two more vessels are making preparations to do the same”, she said.,“The success story of Abyei is that community policing models such as the problem-oriented approach and involvement of the community in policing have really helped to build confidence in the society to report cases of sexual and gender-based violence.”,They are demanding the swift resumption of the dialogue talks and expressed hope that Libyan political actors would seize the opportunity and expedite the dialogue process in order to quickly conclude a political agreement that will bring an end to the conflict in Libya..

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Ms. Rochdi stressed that civilian hospitals care for the wounded and sick, and should under no circumstances be attacked. She emphasized that they must be respected and offered protection by all parties to conflict.,A transitional government has since been established and entrusted with restoring peace. The conflict, however, has taken on increasingly sectarian overtones as the mainly Christian anti-Balaka movement took up arms and inter-communal clashes erupted again in and around Bangui.,The CAR has been plagued by decades of instability and fighting. A renewed violence erupted in December 2012 when the mainly Muslim Séléka rebel coalition launched a series of attacks. A peace agreement was reached in January 2013, but the rebels seized the capital, Bangui, in March, forcing President François Bozizé to flee..

tata time matka result,The situation is “desperate” for millions and has left the UN and partners “overwhelmed”, he added.,Despite hopes for a comprehensive settlement, the UN-facilitated conference held from 28 June to 7 July in the Swiss town of Crans-Montana concluded without an agreement. While expressing his disappointment, Secretary-General António Guterres said that initiatives can still be pursued and developed in order to address the outstanding issues..

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