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Furthermore, as aid supplies are often shipped on commercial vessels, it is all the more important to keep all ports open to humanitarian and commercial vessels, added Mr. Lowcock.,dafouchen,The deadly tsunami is believed to have been triggered by an underwater landslide following a volcanic eruption on Saturday.,He said that rain would make the condition of roads difficult for transporting aid supplies and that airlifts would cost many times more than ground transport..

The projects aim to assist with deteriorating living conditions by extending civilian protections, in accordance with international law, to ensure basic service access for internally the displaced, returnees and the most vulnerable non-displaced Libyans, including migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.,In addition, Mexico and 83 other States promoted an accountability mechanism by which the General Assembly is urged to hold an emergency session every time a veto is registered in the Security Council and to invite the authors of that veto to explain their position.,The role of Goodwill Ambassadors is to raise awareness, generate support and give a voice to those who have been forced to leave their homes.,daffi online betting app.

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Moreover, in recent months schools have continued to close at a steady, significant rate, from 297 in 2016 to 500 at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.,daffa betting app,Turning to his third point of restoring security and territorial integrity, Mr. Zelenskyy spoke of how the war has undermined global safety. It has affected food and energy security, and even maritime and radiation safety, among other areas. .

“The objective is to mitigate the impact on boys, girls and women and ensure a rapid return to normality,” concluded the spokesperson.,But the situation remains “horrific” for people everywhere in the war-torn country, according to Jens Laerke, spokesperson from the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA):,daffi online betting app,Clashes have even escalated in some front-line areas – particularly in Hajjah, in north-west Yemen, he said, such that about 80 per cent of the population – some 24 million people – need humanitarian assistance and protection..

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In a tweet posted on Monday, UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, confirmed the evacuation and thanked parties for making the “humanitarian gesture” possible.,UNICEF’s comments follow an appeal from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Filippo Grandi, that Rohingya refugee returns “should only take place at their freely expressed wish”.,According to the UN agency, the situation of the communities displaced from Marawi earlier this year is of particular concern as the camps they were staying in were badly hit by the storm and tents have been destroyed..

dafouchen,“These difficult conditions make Qatar’s donation extremely valuable and timely for the UN system’s efforts to help vulnerable people,” he said.,As of June, there were about 2.3 million Venezuelans living abroad. Nine out of 10 have sought refuge in countries within Latin America, especially Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Brazil. The trends are accelerating with a total of about 2,700 to 4,000 arrivals in those neighbouring countries daily..

Addressing reporters in the capital, the Secretary-General outlined three top priorities.,He said the level of participation in Thursday’s meeting, held on the margins of the General Assembly’s annual high-level session, and the collective mobilization that was displaced to help UNRWA overcome its financial crisis, sent a message to Palestine refugees that they are not forgotten.,“The UN remains ready to deliver assistance to all people in need in Douma, other areas in east Ghouta and other hard-to-reach and besieged areas as soon as conditions allow,” said Mr. Dujarric, adding that the UN continues to call on all parties to immediately allow safe and unimpeded access for further convoys to deliver critical supplies to hundreds of thousands of people in desperate need of humanitarian assistance..

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The conflict in the country, well into its third year, has resulted in widespread hunger, malnutrition, internal displacement, the world's largest cholera outbreak, an alarming diphtheria outbreak and other complex humanitarian challenges.,“The adverse weather conditions, including potential cyclones, could put tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees staying at the highly congested settlements in Cox’s Bazar district at serious risk,” Andrej Mahecic, spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) told reporters at the regular press briefing in Geneva, Switzerland, on Friday.,For its part, the UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) has started distributing coal to people in need..

daffa betting app,These organizations are providing a “critical lifeline” for scores of civilians, 680,000 of whom received food delivered from Turkey in July alone.,Saturday marked the end of military operations by Iraqi security forces to retake Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)..

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It is necessary to plan for the worst case scenario and be ready to face the situation with all the usual elements of a response plan such as surveillance, access to safe water, and vaccines,daffa betting app,Eighteen of these communities, including Khan al Ahmar, are located in or next to an area slated in part for a settlement plan – reportedly aimed at creating a continuous built-up area between Ma’ale Adumim and East Jerusalem..

“Having borne the brunt of cross border terrorism for decades, India firmly advocates a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach,” announced Mr. Jaishankar. “In our view, there is no justification for any act of terrorism, regardless of motivation.,“To deepen solidarity, we must build trust”. ,daffi online betting app,Since mid-August, there have been at least 1,288 reported deaths, with over 45 million people estimated to be affected..

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Violence is intensifying in several parts of Syria, and in East Ghouta alone, hundreds of children are in urgent need of medical evacuation, she said, noting that four years of siege have crumbled health and other basic services and over the past few months, malnutrition has increased five-fold.,daffi online betting app,Mayerlín Vergara Pérez, the Caribbean Regional Coordinator for the Renacer Foundation, has worked hard helping the Colombian non-profit reach its goal of eradicating sexual exploitation and abuse of children and adolescents. ,The UN agency is working to support those refugees living in Yemen, providing protection and services that include legal assistance, education and access to health and psycho-social services..

Somalia’s Humanitarian Response Plan for 2018, totalling .5 billion (before the floods), is only 19 per cent funded. Launched by UN agencies and humanitarian partners, it aims to reach some 5.4 million people with assistance.,Critical civilian infrastructure is also severely affected., “However, funding has been rapidly declining every year, with less than one-third of the amount required for humanitarian programmes raised in 2017,” he added.,daffa betting app.

The Emergency Relief Coordinator expressed concern about the situation in the Rukban refugee camp on the border with Jordan, where over 40,000 people are sheltering: the UN update report on Syria delivered to Security Council members earlier this week, reported that refugees have limited and irregular access to basic services, deteriorating health conditions, and are living in a state of fear caused by criminality and the risk of violence.,zumbla game deluxe,Mitigating the effects of the drought and helping the people who have been displaced by it was one of the main topics covered in the UN official’s meeting with President Mohamed Ali. “Our discussion was frank and candid, very fruitful,” the President noted afterwards.,The Prime Minister said that countries with regressive thinking, “that use terrorism as a political tool, must realize they create a threat for themselves, as well.” In that context, it was essential to ensure Afghanistan was not used to spread terrorism, and that “no country takes advantage of the delicate situation there for its own selfish interests.” .

He added that the Somali Government will continue to work with all its partners, including the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia, in the fight against global terrorism. “We are fully committed to doing the heavy lifting to secure our future.”,“The Secretary-General is deeply saddened by the terrible loss of life and significant damage to people’s homes and the environment caused by the collapse of the dam yesterday in Brumadinho, state of Minas Gerais,” according to a statement issued by a UN spokesperson.,Highlighting the extremely critical importance of humanitarian support for affected communities, the report was generated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) as part of bi-annual briefings to the UN Security Council on food security.,daffi online betting app.

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Since 2015, over 400,000 refugees and asylum seekers have fled the small central African landlocked nation, escaping human rights abuses, political uncertainty, and deteriorating humanitarian situation.,“It feels good that we were consulted at every step of this dredging work. It feels like it is our property that we’re working for,” said Syed Kashem, 65, a local community leader overseeing the dredging work.,“It is a painful and shameful situation for a country endowed with vast fertile land to be regarded as poor,” she added.  .

dafouchen,UN News spoke to Marwa Awad, communications officer for the World Food Programme (WFP), based in the Syrian capital, who said the escalation and fighting in besieged and hard-to-reach areas has paralysed the UN's response and WFP's ability to reach those who desperately need help.,“Lack of funds means that the basic needs of millions of men, women and children continue to be denied,” warned Ms. Lubrani..

For his part, General Assembly President Ali Treki said in a statement today that he “salutes the resilience of the people of Haiti whose courage should be matched by the continued commitment of the entire international community.”,OCHA says that humanitarian organizations are supporting the Government-led response in providing life-saving assistance, including food, shelter and healthcare.,“Our deliveries must continue to be based on humanitarian principles and international humanitarian law, impartially based on civilian need,” reiterated the senior UN official..

“In an instant we all understood that the goal…was to destroy the summit…[but] five minutes later we put out a joint statement…condemning the attack and sanctifying life, cooperation and our belief that there is a different way,” Mr. Lapid said, adding that the summit continued, and agreements were signed.,Yesterday, the UN expert on the situation of human rights in Somalia called on the international community to step up efforts to address the impact of the devastating drought in Somalia, warning that the country is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster if action is not taken immediately.,The UN chief also cautioned against any use of chemical weapons, warning that, beyond the immediate human toll, such use would lead to the situation “spiralling out of control.”.


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To address the increasingly “alarming” economic situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the World Bank’s Board recommended on Wednesday that US million be allocated to support economic recovery and job opportunities for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, representing a major increase from its yearly allocation of million.,IOM Regional Director for West Africa, Richard Danziger said: “The Joint Initiative, in partnership with the governments of countries of origin and the African Union, aims to make sure that the migration process is safer, and that returning migrants can get back to their countries of origin safely and re-establish their lives without the feeling that they are a burden for their communities and families,” ,With donor support, FAO hopes to employ a range of interventions to rapidly restore local food production and enhance nutrition for over 30 million agriculture-reliant people, to include by providing seeds, tools and other materials for crop farming..

dafouchen,The President then warned against letting its destructive actions jeopardize “our fierce will to act for the common good”. ,These and other efforts she planned to undertake would be part of her country’s response to what she saw as “a real struggle going on in the world between democracies and autocracies. We must do this together so that we can build new partnerships around the work of deepening links with fellow democracies and building new economic and security ties.”.

The UN also wants to show how women from different backgrounds and regions, face different issues and challenges within the industry.  ,Ms. Cousin said that in Erbil, she met with displaced people at a Kalak transit camp between Mosul and Erbil. They said in newly erected tents and makeshift shelters in 45 degrees Celsius heat, saying they fled with only the clothes on their backs.,“As of this morning, 4,819 measles cases have been reported to the Disease Surveillance Team since the outbreak started, according to the Ministry of Health in Samoa”, Jens Laerke, spokesperson for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), said. “There were 87 cases recorded over the past 24 hours.”.

“The floods of August 2008 pose a serious mid- to long-term threat to the health, food security, welfare and livelihoods, especially of the poorest communities affected by them,” said UN Resident Coordinator Sonam Yangchen Rana.,It also noted that rapid assessments are being conducted in the impacted districts and that initial reports show that power and Internet connectivity has been disrupted in some areas and transport infrastructure has been damaged. A major airport located in Biratnagar city (in the south of the country) has been completely inundated.,Updating journalists on Monday, Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq reported on action by the UN mission in the country, MINUSCA, and engagement with troop-contributing countries in New York. .

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