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Mr Shivakumar has stressed that does not envisage a rebellion even if he is deprived of the job. "If the party wants, they can give me the responsibility... Ours is a united house. I don't want to divide anyone here. Whether they like me or not, I am a responsible man. I will not backstab, and I will not blackmail," he said.,sunrisers hyderabad afaqs,The James Webb Space Telescope has discovered the four most distant galaxies ever observed, one of which formed just 320 million years after the Big Bang when the universe was still in its infancy, new research said on Tuesday.,The researchers tested the pressure theory mechanically by inserting a tiny glass capillary pressure probe into a plant cell. Increasing and decreasing the pressure inside the cell resulted in similar calcium waves elicited by the start and stop of a touch..

"Election results are in the final stages, I accept the mandate of the people with utmost respect. I take responsibility for this BJP's defeat, no one else has the responsibility. As the chief minister of the state I take the responsibility. There is a need to do the complete analysis of this defeat, as there are various reasons for this," Chief Minister Bommai said.,The purging of his father led to years of difficulties for the family, but he nevertheless rose through the party's ranks.,The syndrome is very rare. A review in 2013 found just 150 cases in the medical journals.,arizona cardinals odds.

sunrisers hyderabad afaqs

"There is nothing more threatening to a despot, it seems, than a functioning (if imperfect) democracy next door.",arizona cardinals line,That was a bit ironic, as Branson has tried and failed several times to become the first person to go around the world nonstop in a balloon..

PromotedListen to the latest songs, only on,"I was sitting next to Yoko Ono and John Lennon was sitting next to Yoko and we talked, we had a good time," said Hojen, who is now 68.,arizona cardinals odds,PromotedListen to the latest songs, only on

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With a strong showing by the Congress in the Karnataka assembly polls, senior party leader P Chidambaram on Saturday congratulated the state's people for a "decisive verdict" and said they stood up to the "money and muscle power of the so-called double engine government" of the BJP.,"He tends to go for broke. He tends to use a two-fisted approach when he approaches problems. But he also has a certain appreciation of the arbitrariness of power and that's why he also emphasises law-based governance.",Sukhbir Badal was elected from the Faridkot Lok Sabha constituency in 1996 and again in 1998 and 2004..

sunrisers hyderabad afaqs,Johnson rewarded her support during his 2019 leadership campaign with the job of trade minister, where she undertook negotiations for post-Brexit agreements with Japan and Australia, among others.,Aparna Yadav, 32, is married to Prateek Yadav, 34, who is Samajwadi Party leader and former UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav's younger brother. The two were wed in 2011 and have a daughter. Akhilesh Yadav is widely seen as the biggest challenge to the ruling BJP's hope of re-election in UP..

There is no clarity on whether there has been a final decision on rotational Chief Ministership yet. The power sharing arrangement, it is learnt, now hinges on the Congress's performance in Karnataka in the general election next year.    ,But the party also hit back at the Prime Minister, accusing him of "hurting religious sentiments" of devotees by equating Lord Hanuman with the Bajrang Dal, and demanded an apology from him.,Having hoped to ride a Republican "red wave" in the midterm elections last month, Trump instead found himself high and dry after most of the noteworthy candidates he backed were defeated..

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Mr Bommai said the actor was supposed to meet him on Friday to plan Kannada Rajyotsava on November 1.,arizona cardinals line,In November last year, China's top leaders passed an important resolution on the party's past, braiding Xi more tightly into the CCP's story..

Her first steps in politics were taken in Rairangpur where she was a elected as BJP councillor in the Rairangpur Notified Area Council in 1997 and rose to being a minister in Odisha's BJD-BJP coalition government from 2000 to 2004. In 2015, she was appointed governor of Jharkhand and stayed in the post till 2021.,In recognition of her work, Ms Yousafzai received the Nobel Peace Prize in December 2014 and became the youngest-ever Nobel laureate. She went on to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford and graduated in 2020.,arizona cardinals odds,She also loved designing clothes and making Instagram reels. Her Instagram account has now been blocked..

The Indian Space Research Organisation has conducted tests simulating the clustered deployment of parachutes as part of preparations for the Gaganyaan human space flight mission.,arizona cardinals odds,"It was with great disillusionment that I had announced that I would quit politics. A great opportunity has been extended by Didi (Mamata Banerjee) and Abhishek Banerjee and I am happy to accept that. I was expecting something more after seven years as a Union Minister of State. Then differences started growing with the party," Mr Supriyo had said after joining the Trinamool last year.,By filing his nomination for the post of Congress president, Shashi Tharoor has shown he is no ‘quockerwodger' — a word he introduced into our lexicon — acting on the instructions of an influential third party..

The son of Taliban co-founder Mullah Omar, Mullah Yaqoob heads the group's powerful military commission, which oversaw the vast network of field commanders charged with executing the insurgency.,He won the assembly elections twice from Raebareli district and thrice from Padrauna.,"By combining Webb's amazing capabilities with a natural 'cosmic magnifying glass', we were able to see even more detail than we otherwise could," said Mr. Spilker.,arizona cardinals line.

She has also been awarded the PM's silver bation and the home minister's pistol during her training.,cricket players index,He was again elected from Jalalabad in 2012 and 2017. Sukhbir Badal fought the 2019 Lok Sabha polls and became MP from Ferozepur seat.,The avowed "Star Trek" fan attributed his drive and taste for adventure to his mother Eve, who died from Covid-19 in January..

"I would suggest that he strives for power as an instrument... to fulfil his vision.","Government which was ruling earlier was useless. They couldn't get us the share of taxes properly. The Centre has to give us Rs 5,495 crores as per the finance commission recommendation.",Describing the results as a mandate against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mr Siddaramaiah said, "The result of this election is a stepping stone to the Lok Sabha election. I hope all non-BJP parties come together and see that the BJP is defeated and I also hope Rahul Gandhi may become Prime Minister of the country".,arizona cardinals odds.

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It's an incongruous scene - a policeman in uniform teaching basic Hindi, English and Math to a bunch of children sitting under a tree.,The University of Florida astronomers have found that two-thirds of the planets near these commonplace tiny stars might be sterilised by these tidal extremes by roasting them in a new analysis based on the most recent telescope data. But that still leaves one-third of the planets--hundreds of millions around the galaxy--that might be in an orbit just right for holding onto liquid water and perhaps supporting life.,Ultimately, a year is a very long time in Indian politics and the Congress may feel compelled to revisit this compromise formula after the 2024 polls..

sunrisers hyderabad afaqs,Asked to comment on AAP's performance, Mr Kejriwal said, "It's just the beginning. A time will come when we will win there (in Karnataka) also and everywhere else." The AAP had fielded candidates in 209 assembly constituencies in the Karnataka assembly elections. In its maiden foray in 2018, the party fielded 28 candidates and ended up losing all the seats.,"I literally heard hip-hop every day on the radio," Psy said. "I thought: Oh, if I cannot sing that well, I gotta rap. Then I can be the frontman.".

Political commentators had seen the quagmire approaching months before the assembly election held last week, which saw the Congress win a clear majority, finishing with 135 seats in the 224-member assembly.,Sources said the first option gave Mr Shivakumar the post of the state's single Deputy Chief Minister post alongside his current job -- heading the state party unit. He was also offered six ministries of his choice.  ,He was replaced as state unit chief in 2019 by Kuldeep Rathore reportedly in a compromise against factionalism..

Hans Wandall and Sally Dabelsteen have worked together with Dr. Zilu Ye and Professor Jesper V. Olsen from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.,"The cooperation between our two countries shows that the technologies developed in support of space exploration have real-world applications that affect all of us, from advancements in telecommunications and satellite navigation to agricultural monitoring and weather forecasting," she said.,Describing the results of the Karnataka Assembly polls as a mandate against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Siddaramaiah said that it would act as a "stepping stone" to the Lok Sabha election slated next year..

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The ARKA-series HET, which will demonstrate the solar electric propulsion engine for small satellites, will be flying in the PSLV Orbital Experimental Module (POEM), where the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) uses the final stage of the rocket as an orbital platform to carry out experiments in orbit.,Dr Das, a native of Kaduthuruthy area of Kottayam district and the only child of her parents, was a house surgeon at Azeezia Medical College Hospital and was working at the Kottarakkara taluk hospital as part of her training.,"We will brief the candidates about how to react. The high command will take decisions," Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge has said..

sunrisers hyderabad afaqs,His "Mr Clean" image was muddied later that year when his administration was rocked by an insider trading scam involving central bank bonds.,Wickremesinghe is married to Maithree, an English lecturer. They do not have children and have bequeathed their assets to his old school and their universities..

Outgoing Karnataka Chief Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Basavaraj Bommai on Wednesday said that the ongoing suspense over the chief ministerial face by Congress shows the "internal situation" in the party.,India was the world's eighth most polluted country in 2022, dropping from fifth place the previous year. While the PM 2.5 level has dipped to 53.3 micrograms/cubic metre, that is still over 10 times the World Health Organisation's safe limit.,The move allowed Xi, now aged 69, to remain in power for as long as he wishes, and is the latest feather in the cap of a Communist "princeling" who is remaking China in his own image..

Robert Bradford,PromotedListen to the latest songs, only on,During a recent observation for this survey, ASKAP also detected a new FRB, and we were able to identify the galaxy it comes from – a nearby spiral galaxy much like our own Milky Way..